StarCraft 2 Update: Mothership - Information and Screens

Protoss motherships are mighty vessels that were constructed centuries ago during the golden age of protoss expansion. They were intended to act as primary command ships to lead vast armadas of protoss explorers into the darkness of deep space and bring them safely home again. Those days are long gone, and the surviving motherships later became holy shrines to the protoss, representing an honored way of life and a part of the proud history of the protoss race.

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MK_Red4149d ago

Enough with Protoss units. Blizzard bahaves liek there is no Zerg or Zerg fans. Show us Zerg units damn it. You showed this mothership long ago with the first gameplay. More Zerg... Please.

gamesR4fun4149d ago

Man I still play the original now and then cant wait to see this on the shelves only problem is Im so tapped out I prob wont be able to buy this till next year...

And ya roll out some of the new Zerg units I cant wait to see whats new at the hive.

Genki4149d ago

Love the Zerg though.