Nintendo losing its way in motion control?

Nintendo is losing its way in the motion-controlled gaming market, according to industry analysts, with the company hoping that the forthcoming 3DS handheld will see a reversal in its fortunes in 2011.

With the recent launches of Sony's Move and Microsoft's Kinect, the Japanese Wii manufacturer is struggling to compete this Christmas holiday.

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Mystogan3290d ago

Nintendo needs to leave console gaming.


matey3290d ago

Wii has won and has the craziest line up of amazing games next year ill name a few Dragon Quest 10/Zelda SS/Pikimin3/Last Story/Conduit2/Grinder/Kirby Epic Yarn/Driver SF/Night Of Sacrifice/there is a rumour of Saints row wii on Gonintendo aswell so maybe 3DS will make devs use the most under-used console in history to full effect ect,HVS,EUROCOM,JUNCTION POINT,MISTWALKER ect all agree the wii is the most under-used so im hoping the wii stays around untill 2013 i love the bitch,Nintendo wii isnt loosing its way there is no proof of this just analysts hoping 4 it to happen the wii has games that PS-MOVE wants not the other way around.

Venox20083289d ago

wii is great, its not losing and I don't care about kinect or move