Call of Duty: Black Ops dev explains plans for knives and sniper rifles

Some recent forum posts have revealed Treyarch’s plans to fine tune the sniper file and knife attacks, hoping to address complaints that sniper rifles are too weak, and knife lunge is too powerful. The changes will hit in the next Call of Duty: Black Ops update, and you can read about them below.

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ijkabob3287d ago

Psh burritos are where its at..

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Great now I'm cravin' Mexican food.


Great now I'm cravin' the fleshy pink tacos.

DirtyLary3287d ago

Thanks, helped me decide on what to make for dinner. Chicken tacos!

BX813287d ago

A bubble if you can tell me what movie this line came from: "I had ya'll over for dinner... fish tacos!"

hobokiller3287d ago

Pineapple Express!!!!!!!
Lol I love that movie.

HolyOrangeCows3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

How about the ability to turn OFF aim assist. Sure, there's an option that claims to turn it off, but it's still there, and it's throwing off my freaking aiming! I'll be blind firing on a guy and then another guy walks past and it locks on! RIDICULOUS.

Triggs3287d ago

I think because the majority of gamers like to have aim assist, and without it will have a negative impact on sales (i.e., complaints)

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ijkabob3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

Double post :/ my appologies. I guess i'll post something relevent here since i can't delete it...

I hate snipers. They sit way in the back and pick you off whenever you stand still. In mag it's even worse because they'll hide behind the red line where you can't get to them at all.

So lately i've been sneaking behind the ones i can reach and setting a claymore. Then I go back about 20 feet and shoot him once with my gun. They ALWAYS back straight up into my claymore. It's amazing...

And my other thing is to go around with a repair kit which takes 5+ seconds to kill them. So I'll be standing over the sniper with my repair kit and he'll just scooch over behind cover. Which obviously doesn't work when i'm standing over him...

Now that mag has screenshots i'm gonna find more fun things to do :D

Anyways I'd love for snipers to be weeker simply because they annoy me.

Bolts3287d ago

Ok....snipers in MAG is a pain but we're talking about CoD:Black Ops here. Focus!

Nate-Dog3287d ago

Of the time I've spent playing BO I've personally barely come across anyone using a sniper at all. Maps are pretty small for it although I enjoy strolling around and trying to use my non-existent skills to get kills with it. ^__^

BX813287d ago

LOL! Same here I tried it once and realized it was redic. slow and took more than one shot to kill. Then two days ago I was bored and decided to give it another try. I put the Acog (I think it's called that) and I went 25 and 17 on HQ So I pretty much use it for every map and I've only had two games since then where I've been in the negative. I guess it takes the right set up to feel good again. Also the knife is something I've noticed all my friends complaining about.

DaBadGuy3287d ago

Also hit detection with bullets, that's a problem.

Did a One in the CHamber wager match, everyone was out except for me and someone that wasn't playing, they were still standing at their spawn point hadn't moved the whole game.

I got up behind them, aimed the pistol at the back of the head, took time to line up the shot dead center in the back of the skull and shot.

It missed.

It's ridiculous, the air next to me can be stabbed and I'll be dead, yet I shoot a guy point blank in the head and it misses.

AssassinHD3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

If he wasn't moving, and you were behind him, why would you not just knife him in the first place? You can stockpile bullets by using the knife.

AllroundGamer3287d ago

yep, hopefully the hit boxes will be the major fix in the next patches.

Myst3286d ago

Lmao. I know it's a problem, but your story just gave me a good chuckle.

Though yeah I've noticed hit detection problems as well every now and again. Seems like it's a flip of the coin.

Vip3r3287d ago

Yeah but what's the use when you can't join lobbys and when the hit detection is like pin the tail on the donkey?

Heck, I'm surprised that TA are even considering DLC or updates. I'd though it'd be a case of just moving on to the next COD game like what's happened before.

Soldierone3287d ago

But if they did that, Activision wouldn't be able to completely milk their cash cow! And we dont want that happening now do we! Overpriced DLC with old maps HERE I COME! /s

Only good thing about COD DLC is people actually buy it, so you can actually get into plenty of lobbies that offer it.

Soldierone3287d ago

Hit detection is as bad as Medal of Honor was at launch at times.

And this sounds like its going to make knifing even worse. Its like luck of the draw with knives. You can either get a person 20 feet away by randomly knifing him, or you sneak up behind someone and press it and all you do is lunge infront of the guy and die. Me and this other guy ran out of ammo and were seriously running in circles trying to knife each other, missing everytime, its frustrating as hell.

mastiffchild3287d ago

Yeah, to me(though I haven't played a lot of Blops)the kife is just random and a bit mental with it. Sometimes it feels like EVERYONE has Commando Pro from MW2 on(though it's gone)and other times it feels like the knives just can't be used to hit anyone at all no matter how unaware of you they are, how close you are and how much time you have to line it all up!

In our house what we called "the knife tango" that you described so well seems to be a LOT more common than it ever has been and is a nightly happening for my missus and eldest sprog(who made me get the game for my spawn as a BD pressie knowing it was the ONLY way of getting a COD/Acti game bought by me into the house these days!)and they can often be found careening with their erstwhile prey in constricting circles around practically all the maps on Blops!

Anyone else despise effin' Nuketown as much as I do? Off topic, I know, but I just think it's the laziest and most annoying map I've ever played on in a FPS. EVER. And by miles.

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The story is too old to be commented.