GameRant: Your Shape: Fitness Evolved Review

GR: In conclusion, it is hard to figure out the audience Your Shape is targeting. For those who routinely workout, Your Shape will be a frustrating series of stopping and starting exercise routines and may not be very challenging. For those trying to lose weight and/or achieve a minimal level of fitness, Your Shape could be a useful tool, but the game provides very little guidance in meeting those goals. Even worse, none of the routines, other than the Zen Yoga, offer any kind of warm-up or stretching program, which could lead to injuries.

There is a lot of potential here as the level of feedback from an exercise device is unprecedented. If Ubisoft updated Your Shape via free download to include a more well-rounded experience, this could be an excellent alternative to a personal trainer or exercise routine. Until then, it is hard to recommend Your Shape as a serious fitness tool.

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