The concept behind Dragon Age 2

M2G Writes:

Let’s get a behind-the-scenes look at the development of ‘Dragon Age 2′. This first dev diary explains the concept behind the game and also includes some interesting in-game footage.

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WildArmed3284d ago

Can't wait for martch 8..
11 days b4 my b'day..
Looks like I'll be celebrating early next year ;)

mobijoker3284d ago

Can't wait.I want it to be epic in scale like Origins.

Rowland3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

The concept behind Dragons Age 2 ? ...that's very easy:

Take an RPG.
Make it linear.
Simplify the mechanics.
Hope to attract the younger/casual gamer crowd.

Nothing wrong with the concept, it's still a fine game for it's market, just deeply disappointing for the serious gamers that Bioware used to cater for and on a business level it doesn't quite make sense that they've gone down this road - they'll never get anywhere near the 2 recent Fallout games sales figures which they could have done easily with a similar mature gameplay approach.