Discuss: Uncharted 2 Is Disgusting

GGTL"...Except, Uncharted 2 disgusts me. The gameplay is sheer awesome, no doubt about it. It can get testing when the same old shotgun-totting bad guy takes four clips to finally bring down, but it's a speck in a snow-covered plain of excellency. No: the trouble lies with the plot. Most notably, a somewhat celebrated 'hero' by the name of...

Drake. Nathan Drake."

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Convas3292d ago

Should be interesting to see who comments without reading first.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

"Do we want this character as a figurehead of gaming?"


Damn now I feel like logging on to UC2 now and murdering some bitches. ^_^

pulchritude |ˈpəlkrəˌt(y)oōd|
noun poetic/literary

young juice3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

"Take one of the first missions: a night-time theft in Istanbul. What jolly japes will Drake and co. get up to this time, gallivanting about the globe? Oh look, it's the mass murder of Turkish innocents!"

the guy survives, you can see him swimming away.

nobody dies in that level.

HappyGaming3292d ago

Its a fun read :P
Wasn't expecting that.
Quote:"How could anyone hate Drake?


He's a mass-murdering butcher.

"Kitty got wet!" he triumphantly boasts, as he throws a man two hundred feet from a clifftop to be dashed on the rocks below. That man had a family. Judith, his loving wife, and their beautiful baby daughter (Gertrude) were expecting him home in just a few weeks. He had a life; he was full of cares and dreams, hopes and ambitions. He only joined the private military to earn money so he could send his child to school - he'd never actually kill anyone! But then, Nathan Drake waltzes along, all skin-tight jeans and smug grin, and pulls him off a ledge to his death. And then makes a funny remark."

Beefstew4u3292d ago

@young juice
When you smash a guy's head and leave him face down in the fountain, I'm pretty sure he dies =).

cemelc3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

If in batman arkham asylum ppl lives after those take downs, sure as hell the ones in uncharted are also alive, at least in the museum level.

karl3292d ago

i feel like playing uncharted and being the bad guy now..

ahaha.. hilarious article..

Perjoss3292d ago

Thing i like the most about U2 is while playing it, it felt like it was bridging the gap between movie story telling and vodeogame story telling in a big way. The whole thing just felt quite grown up, and not in a bad way.

Getting a bit tired of all the usual video game cliches, you know like bad dialog and space marines, U2 was just great, almost every single level just blew me away. But I do like to try and forget about the last boss fight, was the only thing I thought let it down a bit.

ExplosionSauce3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

That made no sense.

The soldiers were aiming to kill Nate, why would he not defend himself.
Also, all the guards in that level were knocked out, not killed(or at least, no one is meant to be killed).

Kaneda3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

@ young juice

One of the guard die.. when drake grabbed him and threw him of the roof of cliff in to the ocean.. probably dead.. even drake can't survive the fall...

ExplosionSauce3292d ago

Did you not read what he said? LoL
You can see that guard survive. He swims away!

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Valay3292d ago

I have a feeling a lot of people won't read it first!

lovestospoodge3292d ago

ok i get what the author is saying.
HERE'S THE THING THOUGH: it's a game. if the things mentioned were taken out of the game. it would simply be less enjoyable to play. and as for the jeff thing, that was for the benefit of drama, where i'm sure we all thought "ok, this lazarwich butthole is going down"

Neckbear3292d ago

It is a game indeed, however, a game that made you think twice before pulling the trigger would be great.

Think about it, instead of being fucking Rambo, you actually would feel PITY against your enemies.

Honestly, games nowadays depict war as the best thing ever with flying unicorns and god's will behind you.

The truth, however, is far, far worse. A game that would show the true colors of war: madness, insanity, and the fact that you have to take away another person's life.

How could that NOT be awesome?

4pocalyps33292d ago

Shadow of colossus did that with me. KINDA made me not want to kill the collossi.

despair3292d ago

lol read it but lots of misinformation and dumb conclusions, I mean I understand the author tries to be funny but it just comes off as a whiny brat forcing jokes....still makes me feel like playing some UC2 again :)

ilikestuff3292d ago

Uncharted 2 is disgusting?....... why would you want to eat it? hahaaa what a bozo

Man In Black3292d ago

Lulz, it reminds me of Yahtzee's complaints about Lara Croft, being a greedy bitch who goes around killing off endangered species just to get to a treasure.

Bull5hifT3292d ago

I Wrote This While My YORKiE Humped my leg...... no lie

Christopher3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Ridiculous premise.

***He only joined the private military to earn money so he could send his child to school - he'd never actually kill anyone!***

And yet, if Nathan popped up and stood right before him, this innocent bystander would pat him on the back and offer to buy him a drink at the bar?

No, this guy would, just like the ones before, shoot him full of lead and get a promotion from the head honcho.

***So, naturally, Nate sneaks in, disables the security systems and kills guards by throwing them off ledges or cracking their necks.***

None of which are fatal. He doesn't crack their necks, he strangles them until they're unconscious. And if he hits them against anything, it's at best a concussion.

I do agree that he is there to rob them, but then again, that's what he does. There is no question about his goals being selfish, so not sure why you would walk into this thinking otherwise.

***One could easily blame Drake for bringing the soldiers to their hiding place, and getting them into the mess in the first place, but let's be kind and forget that.***

Crap, if only Nathan had remembered to turn on his Chloe GPS system so he would know where she was at all times and to avoid her location when being chased by a small mercenary army.

***This morally corrupted and viscously lethal man is meant to be the hero here; he's the one supposed to stand up to evil, protect the good of the people and saving others. ***

This is the problem, Nathan isn't a hero. Your premise is flawed from the beginning. He's the protagonist, but he's not a hero. He's a treasure hunter and an adventurer. His goals are selfish to a point, but he does prevent those who are out to use the treasures for evil purposes from succeeding as such.

Regardless, he's not a role model, and if you walk in thinking he is one, you are doomed to failure. He's Han Solo, he does it for the money, if pressured will shoot first to save his life, and gets the woman in the end.

Kind of sick of people expecting protagonists to be heroes, I'd rather a more human look at these characters rather than the need for them to be all high and mighty.

Others you can add to the list of protagonists who aren't necessarily heroes: Prince Dastan, Cole McGrath, Cmd Shephard, any Dragon Age protagonist, Faith Connors, War, and many more in this day and age.

UnbiasedTroll3292d ago

Nah nathan drake is awesome.

In the stealth mission he didn't want to kill anyone, So they used tranqueliser shots.

The only time he had to kill people is when the bad guys after him obviously he has too lol

In a heavy artic snow trying to survive for life against shotgun holding bad guys, bleeding all over who wouldn't kill the other guy to survive?

djfullshred3292d ago

I will comment without reading. Just to say that talking about this 2009 game has jumped the shark a while ago.

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Deleting3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I might go back on Uncharted 2

Havent been on it in a while

D4RkNIKON3292d ago

I recently played through Uncharted 2 and God of War 3 and was blown away a second time. You forget how awesome they are if you haven't played them in a while

Dark-Cloud43292d ago

i did that on resistance 2 xD .. i don't want to play it but a comment from someone made me want to play it again xD ..

metsgaming3292d ago

Funny article, or was the writer trying to be serious. I got a good laugh at it.

AznGaara3292d ago

Drake's personality was awesome. Very witty and sarcastic.. maybe the writer doesn't get sarcasm?

huzzaahh3292d ago

The whole article was sarcastic, fool.

Karooo3292d ago

Good article but headline is done to grab attention

ThisPlaceSucksBye3292d ago

80% of headlines here are done to grab attention/hits though. I really don't like this kind of "journalism". It almost makes me wish to go back to the magazine days.

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