El33tonline Review: Alien 3 Breed: Descent (Xbox 360)

El33tonline writes:

"From developers Team 17, the studio behind Worms, comes the third entry to the Alien Breed trilogy of games which sees our hero, Conrad, fight off hordes of aliens once again.

Alien Breed 3: Descent starts off in a very TV show-like fashion, complete with a “Previously on Alien Breed” segment, presented in a comic book style with solid voice acting. It recaps the story of the first two games if you didn’t play them, or if you just need a recap of Conrad’s journey on the failing ship, the Leopold. Although the story is pretty generic alien sci-fi fare, it is set up nicely before dropping you in the middle of a chaotic journey as a disintegrating ‘Leopold’ plunges through the atmosphere towards a planet, while being overrun by aliens."

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