RipTen Hardware Review: Nvidia GeForce GTX 570

Ripten writes: If Nvidia refers to their new flagship GPU, the GTX 580 as their tank, then meet your new off tank, the GTX 570. This GPU is set to give you many of the key benefits of the flagship 580, but in a smaller and much more affordable package.

RipTen was lucky enough to battle test this beast – to see if it’s worth the hype – and your hard earned money.

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jaredhart3284d ago

Sounds Powerful...yet affordable.

greeneggsnsam3284d ago

Shame there were no tests done against an ATi card. Double shame that a 2 year old card will still run most games these days on full settings, because every game is made for consoles now.

Valay3284d ago

Same here, KingNintendoFanboy!

dagamdagee3284d ago

Haha, this is why I do On Live. I like saving money too much. Good on those that have this, though.