Awesome Resistance 3 PS3 Theme Available for Download

Insomniac has made available a new awesome Resistance 3 PS3 theme.

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sam22363288d ago

Is it a dynamic theme?

sinncross3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

No its not, just installed it.

Its not bad... xmb symbols have a slight brown colour and this is the background pic, though it looks like its a taken photograph:

Considering its a free theme from a FB page, it aint bad. :)

Billy_Dee_Williams3288d ago

If it's not dynamic Ill pass. Too many good dynamic themes out there to pay this any mind.

Longrod_Von_Hugendon3288d ago

Damn I love all PS3 exclusives. There's not one stinker in the entire lineup. Awesomesauce.

Bloodraid3288d ago

I don't understand how you can make a comment as blatantly moronic as that and have 4 agrees and 0 disagrees. Let's change that, shall we?

Bloodraid3288d ago

It's not exactly 'dynamic' but it changes every time you start up your PS3, or quit a game. It basically cycles between the five (though I've only seen three) recently released screens that were just released.

It basically looks like someone took a picture (the screenshots have that border around them like an old photograph, and they're kind of scattered around on the background.

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sinncross3288d ago

Yes: Insomniac said that if they got enough likes on their R3 FB page they would release content like a PS3 theme.
And the site of the file is Insomniac.

artsaber3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

Downloaded. Free stuff is awesome.

MGRogue20173288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

It's free? Ah, I'll take it... don't see why not, you know.. :)

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The story is too old to be commented.