Vooks: Donkey Kong Country Returns Review

Vooks: "I’ve noticed a bit of a trend recently, and that is a few developers are doing their best to revive classic franchises that RARE brought to life back in their, well, let’s face it, better days. GoldenEye 007 on the Nintendo Wii was a large success both critically and commercially, which was great to hear. And now, here we are with yet another revival of a classic franchise. I’ll admit that Donkey Kong is one of my most revered franchises that I have experienced in my whole gaming "career" so to speak, and when a remake of this calibre was announced I was understandably quite sceptical. Thankfully, Retro Studios have managed to capture most of the essence of Donkey Kong in Donkey Kong Country Returns, although there are a few issues I have with it overall."

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eagle213291d ago

Yet another Nintendo classic! :)