It Would Be Insane If Any Of These PS3 Games Do Not Get A Release Date Next Year

Sony is known for not commenting on rumors and speculations. A lot of games have been previewed, some with images and videos while others with just names and speculations. We believe that next year’s E3, Sony will blow our minds with games announced and unannounced. Kilzone 3, and LittilBigPlanet 2 will usher us into the next year, but it would be insane if any of these PS3 games do not get a release date next year.

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jay23284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

8 Days?! I wish! And I know the game just on hold, well that was the case in 2009 anway.

proudly_X3284d ago

most PS3 gamers have their most anticipated game has GT5, mine is certainly Eight days . .

Red_Orange_Juice3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

haha Agent

DaTruth3284d ago

I honestly don't even believe in Agent anymore! I think that it was just a bone R* threw to Sony for giving MS the exclusive DLC! "Ahhh, we'll let you say we are making an exclusive for you so your sales aren't hurt! Make up whatever you want!"

Disclaimer: I only own Playstation consoles!

jay23284d ago

@DaTruth, Sony own the Agent I.P, why would they go to the trouble of regestering it etc bring out a trailer and so on if it wasn't coming out?

DaTruth3284d ago

First, there's a trailer?

Second, Sony could always bring out a game called Agent down the road and have lost nothing from registering.

Aside from the registration of the ip and the trailer I never heard of till now, there is no evidence this game exists!

I'm really just voicing my discontent with their announcing of a game in 2008, that we've seen nothing of since and it's practically 2011!

DaCajun3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

@ jay2 Sony does not own the the IP for "Agent" Rockstar games does. Sony owns the IP for "The Agency" 2 different games.

Don't think their is a trailer for "AGENT" or any other videos out for it, but there is one for "The Agency" and actual game footage at E3 2010 also.

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Blaze9293284d ago

I wouldn't be surprised if Agent isn't even a PS3 exclusive anymore. Honestly i doubt it still is.

3284d ago
blumatt3283d ago

There's a difference between Agent from Rockstar and The Agency which is developed by Sony Online Entertainment. Just throwing that out there. And I doubt Agent will go multiplatform. That was the exclusive Sony got in return for LA Noire going multiplat.

Red_Orange_Juice3283d ago (Edited 3283d ago )

why can't people remember, Rockstar owes one exclusive game to Sony, as of now it's Agent, previously it was LA Noire.

Could Agent go multiplat ? maybe, but then again Rockstar will probably announce another PS3 exclusive

visualb3283d ago

exactly orange juice

Sony are have 1 exclusive game contract that happens to be agent.

if that goes multi-play (like L.A. Noir did) then another one must be made, but I doubt that will happen.

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proudly_X3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

I can only imagine E3 2011 with any of these announcements . .


Yeah I no its crazy, I have been waiting for this game for years :(


Hopefully, a release date for this game. At least this game have more than 1 year in development.

Also, Ape Escape 4.

blumatt3283d ago

Yeah I've been wondering when that game's gonna be announced as well. They showed it in a couple videos and never said anything else about it. I hope it's an actual game because using the Move as a flashlight would be very immersive, a true augmented reality experience.

tplarkin73284d ago

The author needs lessons in grammar and spelling.

MaxOpower3284d ago

" It would be too good a news if Rockstar eventually goes to E3 with Agent with vital information including a solid release date."

"too good a news" What!

MariaHelFutura3284d ago

English might not be his first language.

Can you show me how well you write in Arimaic?

R2D23283d ago

Hahah good one - troll owned.

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The story is too old to be commented.