Civilization Revolution: Pro-G First Look

Sid Meier's Civilization games have a reputation for anything but humour and tongue-in-cheek wit. Instead they are famed as deep, involving god games with a seriousness and complexity anchored deep in the pursuit of realism.

Which all makes Civilization Revolution a thoroughly pleasant surprise, as it takes the world of Civilization and remixes it into a decidedly easy going pastiche of the original game.

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BenzMoney4148d ago

...and this game really worries me. I'm afraid they're going to ruin civ. I'm hopeful, but cautiously so. Very, very cautiously.

Rooftrellen4148d ago

They can't ruin Civ with this game anymore than they ruined Mario with Sunshine.

Even if its a huge bust, its not the end of the world.

That being said, it seems Sid Meier may really think that console gamers are stupid and the real stuff should be saved for the PC, or maybe he's taking a chance and willing to change some things that are getting really old. Let's face it, Civ has been getting old. The last thing we really need is another hugely complex system of advancements. I like that its always been a deep game, and I would prefer seeing that again, but if its not, oh well, so long as its still good.

And if its not good, its a game in a franchise that falls into the catagory many have before it, the game in the group that just didn't sell. It won't kill it, though.