Starhawk Dated by Retailer

Starhawk, the much anticipated follow up to what some still consider to be the PlayStation 3′s best online gaming experience (Warhawk, if you’re wondering) has been given a retail date by GAME stores.

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disturbing_flame4555d ago

It can be the other game presented @ VGA.
But i doubt they release it in January, nore this year (2011)
Warhawk was a tremendous game, full of class and win, this one can be a good surprise.

mastiffchild4555d ago

Lord knows where Game got this date from cos, to me, it's most likely to be a date for beta which is the LAST thing retail need know of. However, the W'hawk beta was a couple of months long itself, there's been no public(or closed-we'd have heard , surely)beta yet and no announcement. Even if Sony announced it TODAY would they have enough time to hype and market the follow up to the best playing Sony online PSN game ever? No, date makes zero sense without going into the fact next year is already FULL of Sony owned shooters for PS3 let alone the million others we'll get!!

I've been expecting the word on the sequel for AAAGES as a mate spoke to Dylan while holidaying last summer before E3 and he told him(my mate being an industry type and not afraid to talk shop with the big boys-he's cheeky as well)and got told that the game felt like it was going great after a slow start and what sounded like some nasty Incognito fallout politics-that's what my mate reckoned Jobe meant by saying it "started off a bit tough with the new set up". The other things he asked about were SP and the setting(cos of the S'hawk/space rumours)and all DJ offered him(which is what makes me feel he really met the guy!) was that they were just putting a hell of a lot more "in every sense" into the game.

Anyway, he said Dylan was a nice guy and took a good ten minutes to chat Warhawk with some mad Limey he didn't know who was probably also melting in the heat as they talked-which must have been off putting for him. Thing is a SP campaign would be the icing on the cake for me as all Warhawk lacked, imho, was a frame of reference for the tightest, most varied and balanced shooty shooty MP on PSN ever! Can't wait but also cannot think for a minute this is the right information for the release.

As long as they keep the servers and 90% of the gameplay mechanics and just work on expanding the template and use the bigger budget and more time they have this time round it should be REALLY special as it seems Sony have given them a lot of space to get this done right. Popped back into W'hawk after a long(broken disc-long story)gap and holy baby Jesus have pilots gotten good!!? Game always had a great community, though, and it'#s still busy enough even now and just such a great package with the DLC which ACTUALLY changed the way we played the game being another instance where the team showed just how much care they take with this series-so much better than a mere, sodding map pack. Hope the VGAs bringg word but Feb is WAY too soon to give the game a chance of selling and when W'hawk itself SHOULD be up there in sales terms with Gears, MGS4,Halo and the other big exclusive shooters in sales terms but isn't because no one ever got told by Sony how great it was that would be so criminal.

vhero4555d ago (Edited 4555d ago )

Ignore game release dates for games that aren't even confirmed yet thats my rule and any game that starts with GT(insert number here).

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koehler834555d ago

What's worse? A retailer who is clearly pulling dates out of their ass, or the people who believe in them enough to post about it online?

Brodiesan4555d ago

I'd say people who comment about something that is obviously of interest to some people but not to them personally are worse. But, hey, that's just me.

The fact that a major retailer has a date for an unannounced game is news. You might think the date is bogus (and it possibly is) but who are you to say that this news shouldn't be communicated to others.

Note: at no point does this article state: "Starhawk will be out in February." It simply states what it is: a date by a retailer.

If people didn't post news of this nature on N4G it would be nothing but a wasteland full of "GT5 Vs. Forza", Top 10 Whatever and "Why X Should Do Y" articles.

I guess you'd rather ready them?

Fel084555d ago

I'm so excited for this game. I got Warhawk like 3 years ago, and it still the most played game in my PS3.

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