1UP: Silent Hill 5 - First ever video footage and Akira Yamaoka interview

While Konami has offered hints in the form of minor announcements and trailers over the past few months, the October issue of EGM -- on store shelves now, conveniently enough -- features the first significant information and impressions of Silent Hill's PS3/360 debut. For those looking for a little something extra, however, 1UP have an excerpt from EGM's interview with lead artist Brian Horton and lead designer Jason Allen of The Collective, as well as a video preview of the game with the first footage and a video interview featuring Konami's Akira Yamaoka.

Continuous gameplay

Transition gameplay

Mood gameplay

1UP Exclusive First Look
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xaphanze4084d ago

my favourite horror game. Cant wait for this one.

synce4084d ago

This oughta shut up those annoying weeaboo skeptics. I've been playing SH since the beginning and I can admit the series has been getting stale. This new developer looks to be staying true to series roots while adding their own flavor. Can't wait.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4084d ago (Edited 4084d ago )

This would be okay it was Silent Hill 3 on PS2, but this is next gen. I think Konami lost interest in the franchise after Silent Hill 2, and sold it off after Silent Hill 3.

First came the Silent Hill 4 game that wasn't even suppose to be a Silent Hill game, just named it Silent Hill for more cash, then came the movies. Now Silent Hill 5 looks like an Amercian producer trying their best to rip off Silent Hill 2.

It might be a solid game but those expecting for Silent Hill to recapture the glory of Silent Hill 2 in true next gen innovation might be disappointed. I think the lead Director of Team Silent said, as far as he knows the series is over.

I think I personally feel the same way.

Shaka2K64084d ago

SH5 looks good, to bad its not PS3 exclusive that kills all my hypefor this game now.

xaphanze4084d ago

What? Are you serious? You dont enjoy multi plat games even if they are AAA titles? Get a life dude, youre a joke.

jackdoe4084d ago

Since SH5 is being developed in the states, what the hell is Konami Tokyo doing right now?

markfield4084d ago

looks completely boring and derivative.

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The story is too old to be commented.