Social Apocalypse: The Rise of the Zombie

The fortunes of the zombie have waxed and waned over the years, but the living dead have never been as popular as they are now. GameZone's Tom Dann takes a look at the gaming industry's recent zombie mania.

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jzungre3284d ago

I was just thinking how much zombies have proliferated current entertainment. Zombies have video games and comics and vampires have books and movies. And they're fighting over TV.

trainsinrdr3284d ago

ive always thought that they should make a sandbox vampire game not like all that true blood and vampire diaries bullshit where you play as a vampire something that has a horror element like you are a member of some brotherhood of vampires led by a head vampire obviosly and there are also different factions of vampire hunters in the city the only problem is the whole nightime only part but im sure that there is a way around it like you have a big underground lair with tons of different things to do during the day xD