Used Video Games

An analysis of what both sides (publishers and consumers) want in regards to the used video game market and where it is right now.

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FantasyStar3284d ago

I agree with the article. It's all about goodwill. It's not like all of us gamers set out initially to spite the publishers. If we could buy the games new, we would! We totally would! But you ask $60. Okay, but now you ask $60 in which we're questioning "is this really worth $60?"(looking at you MAG/Killzone 2/Alan Wake/Medal of Honor). The article nailed it: we don't have all the money to devote to gaming. Whatever money we do have: we recycle it as much as possible to get as much gaming in as possible. If you publishers really want to see us half-way, drop the MSRP pricing reasonably, give us bang for buck content pricing, don't make us feel like we've got ripped out of our money, make us feel like you're doing so much good for us, we'd feel bad for not buying new.

Here's an idea. Let's say a gamer skipped out on a game and its DLC. Re-release the game and its DLC (on the disc) at a reduced price. You will get sales. People hold out on DLC specifically for this. Let's say you're trying to sell a sequel to a game: Assassin's Creed 3, but people don't know about the first 2. How about you bundle AssCreed 1, 2, and Broz as pre-order incentives at no extra cost. Bam, you will get sales. Steam does deals every week and some of the deals are outrageous. Steam and DD works because the money spent buying a game won't be a harsh expense if the gamer turns out not to like say..Left 4 Dead 2: oh well, they only spent $10! Versus the $60 pubs ask for "just to try the game out" with no demo. Because we can't return games, give us a reason to feel reassured we're spending our money wisely. The more mileage we can get out of a game (split-screen, co-op, multiplayer, LAN support, online, etc): chances are you're going to get more sales. Why else would Halo be popular for so many years? Take the hint.