Bulletstorm Contains A Moment 'People Are Going To Talk About For Years'

People Can Fly's Adrian Chmielarz has said that Bulletstorm will contain "a moment in the game that people are going to talk about for years to come."

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VersusEM3291d ago

hmm, I highly doubt that, but then again, stranger things have happen before.

MisterNiwa3291d ago

Hm, if you can teabag someone mid-air and make a combo out of it it would be first of all, pretty disturbing and then secondly be something that never happened before.

Worth talking about.

TheBossMan3291d ago

Hey, if COD can have 3 moments that stick with you for years, this game can at least muster one.

(Dispute it all you want, but the nuke, sniping mission, and slow-motion bridge finale are probably still clear pictures in your minds)

SuperStrokey11233291d ago

The only thing in COD that even remotely stays with me is the nuke and the part qwhere the guy gets shot in the head at the start of cod4. Medal of honor had more things for me.

Ducky3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Yea, but you don't really talk much about the nuke, for years.

"It went boom"
"I know, right?"

The pripyat mission kinda qualifies. It was a bit too scripted though. Shooting that dog made it memorable.

Though, I'm thinking a surprise like what Kojima did with MGS2 by pulling Raiden out from the blue. I can still have discussions with people about being bummed when that happened. =/

LarVanian3291d ago

I actually forgot about the nuke scene in COD4 until it was brought up here.

Focker4203291d ago

Slow-motion bridge?? I must not remember. I'd say No Russian is the most memorable moment in a CoD. The sniping mission is a close second.

Baka-akaB3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

actually yeah i'd dispute it all i want ...
Forgotten those like others till it was brought up .

It's not as if it's half life 1 or 2 you know ...

DasBunker3291d ago

WTF is a COD? Cash On Delivery?

wsoutlaw873291d ago

actually i only really remember the end of cod4 and the air plain mission that followed it.

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DigitalAnalog3291d ago

Does it have something to do with that gigantic creature at the end of the Cliffy B's commentary demo?

-End of Line

soundslike3291d ago

The giant creature IS Cliffy B

You kill him like the Mech-suit Hitler in Wolfenstein 3D

...auf Wiedersehen

Keith Olbermann3291d ago

The games called Bulletstorm......will the surprise most likely involve shooting something....special??

xer03291d ago

Hmmmm - I smell bullshit.

Sure enough there will be a gimmick but i doubt it'll be more popular than Gears.

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Convas3291d ago

Interesting, but I'll be the judge of that, Thank you very much.

Ducky3291d ago

Best way to ruin a surprise: Tell everyone there is a surprise.

Pandamobile3291d ago

They didn't ruin the surprise. All they did was say that there was a surprise.

AssassinHD3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

But now people will be looking for a surprise. If you expect a surprise you run the risk of discovering the surprise prematurely. You start to think that situations might turn out in a way other than what you would usually expect.

Downtown boogey3291d ago

Best way to ruin a surprise: Tell everyone ABOUT the surprise.

I.E: Kids know they're getting gifts at Christmas but it's still a surprise to get some of the stuff.

Ducky3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

... But it's a bigger surprise when you just wake up and there's that one unicorn you always wanted right next to the bed.

You tell someone they'll get a gift, and their mind wanders. Eventually, they'll think of all these things they would like... and then more often than not, the actual gift is just a sweater. =/

Surprises are like a Fightclub. You just shouldn't talk about them.

blizzard_cool3291d ago

Are the creators of the universe ottsels?

LarVanian3291d ago

Were we actually born in the future but then taken back to the past so we could prepare to fight a dangerous enemy in the future?..........Jak & Daxter rocks!

blizzard_cool3291d ago

Indeed it is awesome! *drinks glass of wine*

Raoh3291d ago

shouldnt moments like that happen and the gamer then talks about it for years...

making these claims only desensitizes the moment..

Focker4203291d ago

Better get this hype train rolling for this so-called 'memorable moment'

That way when it happens every1 can cry and moan that it wasn't as good as they said it was.

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The story is too old to be commented.