Left 4 Dead gameplay video roundup

Many gameplay video's are rolling in, and like Xboxkings did with Burnout Revenge and Army of Two already, another roundup of video's... This time Left 4 Dead!

The newest are: 'Warehouse War' and 'Dangerous Escape from Gamevideos.

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TheMART4063d ago

Round Peg, this time accidently the source wasn't included. We did a round up, because Gamevideos doesn't display them on one page. BTW on the bottom of the video's, the name of Gamevideos is always displayed.

XBK does the roundup on one page, we aren't saying anywhere the material belongs to us. The source is included now and other people do like the roundups of video's.

razer4063d ago

I'm not feeling very "next-gen" about this.. The gameplay could be fun, but the graphics aren't wowing me. Is this the PC version? I just noticed the quick turning radius and it seemed like PC, completely unrealistic.

RE:5 can't come soon enough!

TheMART4062d ago

Well its an early build. The 4 player co-op sounds good (first zombie game to play online over live with 4 persons sounds good to me) and fast moving zombies must be scary as hell compared to slow moving ones.

Don't know for sure either though. But well we'll see when time evolves how it's going to turn out!

fe104062d ago

This could be a good exclusive for xbox360.

AcidRhain4062d ago

early build sounds right. it need better lighting. looks really fun.