Possible Red Dead Redemption Movie Pictures? reports: "Ok our title is very misleading, also considering the article from Kotaku clearly says "This is not a shot from Red Dead Redemption: The Movie", but we got your attention right? Anyway, these pictures are from Cosplay, where people dress up as video game characters and send them in. This guy has done a pretty good job dressing up as John Marston, and the location where these shots were taken are pretty cool as well...."

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IllusionRSN2870d ago

I'd go see a Red Dead Redemption movie!

Speed-Racer2870d ago

Hmm the sad part is that video games that turn to movies turn out so horribly 99% of the time,,, hope its different if this happens

IllusionRSN2870d ago

Well I'd hope that Rockstar would have a hand in it somehow...

stylez842870d ago

Yeah most video game movies are terrible. They just capitalize on the game fans to buy tickets. That's not to say all video game movies suck, though.

IllusionRSN2870d ago

True, I am also hoping this Uncharted movie coming out won't suck lol!

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