'Project Gotham Racing 4' (X360) Photo/Arcade Mode Details - 15 New Screens

Photo Mode is once again returning to the "PGR" franchise, with all the features you've come to expect – and a few new ones as well. Not only are new effects available, including noise, wobble, tunnel, and vehicle blur, but there are also special new filters including the 3-D glasses "cheat." Enabling new feature this will render your photo mode screenshot in 3-D, so using a pair of red and blue glasses will put your photos into a whole new perspective!

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heihoosilver4060d ago

the first game to utilise 3D after all is on XBox360. It´s next gen or what? I´m realy looking for this game.

ArduousAndy4060d ago

rad racer had the 3d effect first

Antan4060d ago

Its a looker, no doubt about it!! The new shots look to be from photo mode.

Mr PS34060d ago (Edited 4060d ago )

only it aint and it never will be it looks like utter Sh!te compaired to GT5

PS360PCROCKS4060d ago

kakka? did you just use the word "kakka"? LMAO @ you AGREED

Your a dumbass, if pgr4 won't be gt5 well than why are you wasting your time looking at it? but do you hear that noise? That's the PS3 hype train leaving the station better hop on, it will be back in a year with more quality titles like Lair

PS360PCROCKS4060d ago

Looks unbelievable...I'm calling bullsh!t on these shots, they're TOO good. PGR3 kinda was the same way, shots looked ridiculous and the game didn't match the shots they took...but oh well if it looks half as good as that I'll be happy...

blackmagic4060d ago

Agree, mostly bullshot but there are two screens in there that looked like it could be 'in game engine'... the others are cut scene/photo mode material I would guess...

power of Green 4060d ago

People who seen this game in person said it was fucin visually stellar/stunning through and through wouldn't worry about anything, this is what I'm going off of not so much the screens being leaked.