X-Men Arcade a Two-Month XBLA Exclusive

The PlayStation 3 version of X-Men Arcade will be released two months after the Xbox 360 version, Konami confirmed to Eurogamer this afternoon.

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unrealgamer583288d ago

oh noooooooo
I'll kill myself now -__-

himdeel3288d ago

Back to playing on MAME then :)

Dragun6193287d ago

Eh, This is lame. I was looking forward to playing 6 player local co-op with friends and family over the holidays. What's the hold up, Konami?

TheBlackSmoke3287d ago

Oh noes, guess I will have to play LBP2,KZ3,Infamous 2 and MvC3 while I wait....

ChristianGamer3288d ago

Please, don't kill yourself, there's so much to live for. . .oh, that was sarcasm? Oh, well, unwarranted.
No need to get your knickers in a bunch, nobody is flashing it in your face, they're just reporting the news.
However, this is why Xbox Live has the edge. Still not paying for it way.

rezzah3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

The edge as in having less games to make the 360 stand out more so you can play a timed exclusive?

Seriously if Sony did this I would be pissed off.

Also if Sony actually does something like this in the future would you say that PSN now "has the edge"?

According to you timed exclusives are what make online stand out.

ChristianGamer3287d ago

How does xbox live and microsoft always waiting til the last hour to announce new games have anything to do with each other? You forget forza was announced 5 months before release. MS don't announce games just to try get you excited for years and years, that's how you end up with a hypetrain that crashes. Alan Wake, SplinterCell and Too Human...not 1st party titles.

Vherostar3288d ago

Gotta love how yet again MS pay for timed exclusives.. I guess they don't pay enough thats why it's not completely exclusive. I mean seriously you think anybody's gonna go out and buy a 360 to get this game 2 months early on 360?? LOL. Another example of how to waste money MS style.. All the wasted money should be pooled and spent on something like 1st party exclusives instead.

Blacktric3288d ago

Joined 8 days ago has 3 bubbles. How sad.

jwatt3288d ago

This is more about xbox live, they have to do stuff like this. They did raise the price for live but it's not much of a big deal if it's going to come to the ps3 down the line.

Xmanzerox3287d ago

What's even sadder is that you actually keep track of bubbles. Now come pick up your mom, Im done with her for the night. Clean her up while your at it.

maxcer3287d ago

"Joined 8 days ago has 3 bubbles. How sad."

everyone knows the only way to keep your bubbles around here is to suck sony cock.

princejb1343287d ago

what makes you think ms payed for something like this
i think they would rather pay for something worth releasing than this game
is most likely like the ps3 version aint ready yet that is all

jukins3287d ago

@princejb134 you really think that this old arcade game would take 2 more months to make on the ps3?

Tuxedo_Mask3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )


When I joined on the 31st of October I was given three bubbles to start with and I haven't gained nor lost any up to now.

On Topic:

I was looking forward to this and I still am, but these timed exclusives are annoying and really only delay the profits they'll get from purchases on the PSN. If Microsoft did pay for a timed exclusive, which hasn't been proven, it doesn't seem too smart since everyone knows it's only temporary and the two month wait doesn't justify the purchase of a new system for those who already have a PS3.

Blacktric3287d ago

Then they must've changed the rules. Sorry about that. It was 5 bubbles for every new member about 2 months ago. Anyway, making an arcade game exclusive to your console for 2 months is kind of pointless unless you want to piss some gamers off. But since there are tons of PSN games out already, most of the gamers won't be affected too much.

BoNeSaW233287d ago

Minus "Bubbles" to all who discuss "Bubbles", that is the first rule of Fight Club!

BX813287d ago

@Vherostar.... I know sometimes the bigger picture can elude even the brightest so put this into consideration. A lot of gamers own more than one type of system. I personally own a PS3 and a 360, I like both my systems that's why I own the both of them. Now this DLC game is coming to both systems but it just so happens to come out on the 360 1st. So I'm going to buy the game for the 360 1st. That's how MS makes better on the deal. If sony did the same thing I would buy it for the PS3 1st. LOL indeed because MS is laughing all the way to the bank! Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't but I think we can all say MS knows how to pull in revenue.

jetlian3287d ago

they paid to get it first!! Second holiday sales will make live look more viable to publishers looking to bring Downloadable games to the market. Also it could be that its cheaper to put things on xbla than psn.

just the other day news of Neogeo games are hitting psn. Same games hit xbla along time ago. same with braid,castle crashers and others.

And if I had to choose i'll take holidays while friends/family off to play a 6 player game than in feb when MVSC3 hits.

princejb1343287d ago

@ jukins
yes i really do programming is very difficult i took some course in college
and since many developers have a tough time developing for the ps3 , yes i think is a good reason for the 2 month gap
i rather have perfect software than a buggy one

Vherostar3287d ago (Edited 3287d ago )

@Blacktric At least you admitted your mistake thats big of you.. That just proves if you dont have the knowledge how easy it is to look like an idiot.

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BoNeSaW233287d ago

Online Co-Op solved people with NO $14.99 payment. And it will give Konami time to "Polish" the PS3 version of a 18 year old arcade game. Yay!!!!!

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POSTERBOY343288d ago

dat some bull i been waitin for dis game

Prototype3288d ago ShowReplies(1)
scar203288d ago

I can wait got to many games to play right now.

hatchimatchi3288d ago

Why do they do downloadable exclusives? I can understand if it's a new IP or something but this is a 20 something year old arcade game.

oh well.

Vherostar3288d ago

A small amount of cash no doubt.. Cheaper to buy a downloadable exclusivity deal than a full game. Especially now most of MS money goes into Kinect and COD map packs.

gta_manic3288d ago (Edited 3288d ago )

how does the money go into Kinect or COD maps? Like more ads for Kinect and a bigger money pool for Bobby K, or what?
Edit: sorry not trying to troll, but seriously how does most of there cash go to those two things

RockmanII73287d ago

MS does everything for kinect so they spend money to make it, advertise it, and make games for it. As for the CoD maps MS payed Acti so the maps come out one XBLA first and PSN like a month or two down the road.

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The story is too old to be commented.