Sony Releases PS3 Lair Reviewer's Guide

After the media lashing Lair received last week, Sony seems to think reviewers could use some help coming to grips with the motion-controlled dragon game. A "Lair Reviewer's Guide" just arrived in our mailbox, and is chock full of helpful information that Sony hopes will give critics a better understanding of how the game should be played.

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MK_Red4059d ago

Well, since virtually every site and magazine has reviewed Lair, I think it was a bit late for Sony to do send the reviewer's guide.

sticky doja4059d ago

I came in here to say just that. The got that book out just a little late.

ISay4059d ago

people are starting to forget that controls are just one of a series of problems that litter this game. frame rate, dragon battles, unclear mission objectives, cut scenes that interrupt game play. once you play through the fist 6 levels the controls become more intuitive but the other stuff is unforgivable for a next gen game especially a flag ship ps3 title, i returned it after 3 days, right now war hawk is doin the best it can to keep my ps3 busy

Lord Anubis4059d ago

the reviewers guide should contain pop up pictures.

InMyOpinion4059d ago

A bit pathetic as well...Wtf are they doing??

bennyace4058d ago

Wow, the controles must really be intuitive !!! yeah!...right.

i Shank u4058d ago (Edited 4058d ago )

if you feel the need to send out a guide for reviewing a game, how much faith then do you have in said game? never heard of this before

found this quote interesting "A forward written by the President of developer Factor 5, Julian Eggebrecht, reads, "Open your mind and hands for something very different!"....Eggebrecht recently theorized that game journalists are generally hardcore gamers who simply don't like motion controls."
does eggebrecht read other reviews where games motion control was praised? didnt twilight princess and resident evil for wii get great reviews? it sounds like he doesnt want to have an open mind to the possibility of his game sucking : o

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RadientFlux4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

amusing... nice looking cover, it looks like Sony didn't skip out on the printing costs

ktchong4059d ago

Do gamers who have troubles with the control get that "guide" too?

MK_Red4059d ago

Good point. Sony said the other day that "consumers matter, not critics" and yet the critics are getting the love here.

power of Green 4059d ago

Gamers will figure out the best way to play games they always have Most reviewers jobs are to understand what the devs vision is/was and what the public might like; they still told it the way they seen it.

ktchong4059d ago

Critics are gamers too.

InMyOpinion4058d ago

Critics are usually hardcore gamers that play and have played a wide variety of titles. Lots of experience. It's easy to forget sometimes.

Infernus4058d ago

...yeah but they're gamers with a time constraint on the game and the requirement to get the review done for a certain date.

It's not really the same as owning the game and being able to put a hell of a lot more time into it and truly understanding how it plays.

Razzy4059d ago (Edited 4059d ago )

Pehaps Factor 5 could go back to the drawing board with the controls? I'd rather control with the sticks myself.

Anyways, with the crappy reviews its been getting its a must NOT buy for me.

EDIT: Dunno what PoG (Pile of Garbage) said above or below me but I can just imagine the fanboy drivel. Thank god for the ignore option. :)

blackmagic4058d ago

Actually, his comment was really quite reasonable. You should actually read people's comments before you make retarded comments like this, even fanboys occasionally say something worth reading.

cartman3134058d ago

Yeah, his comment wasn't bad at all. (Weird I actually agree with him...)

Razzy4058d ago

Well then I apologize to PoG. I'm so used to seeing his PS3 bashing comments that I just assumed.