Famitsu software sales (11/29 - 12/5)

The latest top ten software sales estimates in Japan have been released. Tales of Graces on PS3 makes its first appearance, and Gran Turismo 5 gets a full week of sales.

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Game-ur2872d ago

This is the second week of GT5 sales in Japan.

Hope TOG dose well.

sway__z2872d ago

GT5 was unlikely to have failed in Japan, given it's heritage/following. It's a great game, so it's deserved.

I got into gaming because of the Japancentric nature of games and the creativity. USA/EU developers seem to be influencing developers in Japan...hence western styled RPG's.

Bring back the good ol' days pls?

blumatt2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

I'm hoping that Final Fantasy 13 Versus will be more like the old ones like my all-time favorite game FF 8. It had towns and side missions to explore as well as a world map and a ship to navigate the world with (Disc 3, Ragnarok). It also had the best story, love story, and I loved boosting the GFs. I freakin wore out my finger hitting the square button so many times. haha
Edit: And it's good to see GT5 getting good sales. I'm loving the game. I'm only at level 14 so far. It takes quite awhile to level up in the game, but I enjoy the RPG-esque feel with the leveling up.

Redempteur2872d ago

1. [PSP] Monster Hunter Portable 3rd.
2. [PS3] Tales of Graces F
3. [PS3] Gran Turismo 5

These 3 left the others behind

sinncross2871d ago

Its a pity that Tecmo Trinity Ozill performed badly, otherwise good week for the Sony brand.

sway__z2871d ago

What if Publishers REALLY paid attention to the gamers? Square Enix i'm referring to you....Remake FF7 with the same FF13 engine and make it PS3 exclusive! Lol ...i'm kiddin' spread the love on 360 too :)