Silver XBOX Controller Now In The UK

Some Xbox fans may already be aware that Microsoft recently released a new version of its Xbox controller in USA as part of a plug and charge package and that it’s not due to be released over in the EU or UK yet. However, GamingZap has managed to acquire some and are among the first in the UK to supply the new controllers well ahead of release date! These are incredibly short in supply, but are available to purchase now.

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forcefullpower3284d ago

Still think its bad that they have not put the new design D pad into the xbox as standard.

lugia 40003284d ago

Looks like a very "sad" controller. I want more colours.

frjoethesecond3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

Maybe it's because you'll use the d-pad for retro games mostly. Not saying old games are grey, just a symbolic thing. Maybe not though, who knows?

Rhezin3284d ago

I know right? that was one of my big gripes when I had a 360. They eventually will though, hopefully :/

Tone3284d ago

I would probably buy one if the colour was not so awful!

tplarkin73284d ago

It's silver with gray, white, and black detailing, like a Delorean. There are many worse colors.

FLOWCity3284d ago

I'll get one when they lower the price..Man I remember when controllers were like 20 bucks...Times are changing.

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