Japanese View Arcades As 'Too Expensive' and 'Too Scary'

61 percent of the Japanese pubic never frequent amusement arcades while 53 percent describe them as being "too expensive" and 52 percent say they are "too loud" according to the results of a new survey conducted by MyVoice (translated by Versus City).

The survey interviewed 12, 000 members of the public, the results of which reveal the poor light in which the Japanese view the arcade industry today.

47.4 percent of respondents believe arcades are currently aimed at children, while 12.3 percent say they’re hard to enter, 11.6 percent claim they are too dark and 10.9 percent believe they are scary places.

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Nineball21123291d ago

Scary? Really?

Umm... ok. Unless Japanese gangs hang out at the arcades, I'm not sure what would be scary about them.

MaideninBlack3291d ago

And yet Tekken Tag 2 will release there first next year. :(