Raven Working On 'Realistic, FPS Military Shooter', 'Sci-fi, Fantasy' Mentioned

CC has just spotted recent job listing from Activision-owned studio Raven Software which reveals the studio is working on a "realistic, first-person military shooter”.

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Davey_Pitch2875d ago

Interesting, wonder if anything official will come out soon?

nickjkl2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

hey look another FPS

wait a minute sci fi and realistic how is that gonna work

duplissi2875d ago

realistic physics, hit response, recoil, and tactics based in a sci fi environment.

hmm sounds like killzone... lol.

nix2875d ago

"Realistic" and "Sci-Fi"... don't go together...

Lunatic_Brandon2875d ago


"Realistic" and "Real" don't have to go together. Look at call of duty, filled with real things but very unrealistic. A game can have unrealistic elements but still handle in a realistic manner. ARMA II with laser and plasma weapons and hover vehicles would still be more realistic than Call of Duty.

DethWish2875d ago

Raven means there's a big change it'll be good

*puts on shades

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mjolliffe2875d ago

The article agrees with you, if you read it.

Christopher2875d ago (Edited 2875d ago )

Ooh, a 'First Person Shooter Military Shooter'. Extra shootery. Bad title is bad.

***It’s all a little confusing. A realistic, first-person military shooter is mentioned, yet the addition of sci-fi and fantasy effects throws the hope of something realistic out the window, surely?***

Actually, it's not at all confusing. They're looking for someone that can work on more than just the current project. Someone that can be leveraged to work on other titles that may come. It's the same thing most job listings do, they ask for the sun and the sky in hopes of getting someone with a good mixture of experience backed by skill and knowledge.

Note, the game is still a first-person military shooter, they just hope that they find a person who has experience working in other genres as well. Doesn't mean the game they're being hired for right now will utilize anything sci-fi or fantasy related.

PR0X12875d ago


Huge SOF2 player here.

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mjolliffe2875d ago

Weird one. I could guess CoD, but I would still be a little sceptical due to Raven's efforts on the not-so-good Wolfenstein recently. We'll have to wait and see.

kharma452875d ago

Going from the job description it looks like it could be a whole heap of things!

Quagmire2875d ago

God, i hope its not another COD. Wolfenstein and Wolverine were awesome, OTT games, I would hate for the devs to be tied down to realism.

Make a sequel to Wolfenstein or Wolverine, otherwise make a new IP!

femshep2875d ago

COD isn't realistic so that's out of the question

maybe a completely new IP

tompoulo2875d ago

Please Raven let it be another Soldier Of Fortune!!!
The first 2 games of the series that were made by Raven were amazing unlike the third one that nearly killed the series for me but wasn't made by Raven(I think).

The real killer2875d ago

Killzone version for the PC, yes :)

Guys, don't take litteral please..............
We all know that Killzone is the most realistic for consoles.

zdudynot2875d ago

Yeah, you are so right!
(Sarcasm btw in case your too dumb to notice)

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