MS hints at big November NPD

If Microsoft's Aaron Greenberg is to be believed this weeks 360 NPD numbers could be quite big, especially with the arrival of Black Ops and Kinect.

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mimbly3292d ago

why don't you hint at making some games instead?

Nineball21123292d ago

Haha! Ok, that made me laugh.

Greenburg just makes you want to slap that big ol' bald head of his.

R2D23292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

But I bet that the attached face makes you want to kiss Krazy Kaz.

Active Reload3292d ago

"why don't you hint at making some games instead?"

Why don't you stay on topic? Lol...

ComboBreaker3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

MS bluffed with big November NPD.

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Stryfeno23292d ago

@mimbly you do not own a 360 so why do you care.

mirroredderorrim3292d ago

You have shares with Microsoft?

dragon823292d ago

Those of us who do own a 360 care.

Robearboy3292d ago

Well so far this past few months i have played and finished fallout vegas, vanquish, DR2, Halo:Reach,Black ops, Fable 3 and i have just started to play castlevania - That sounds like there are enoiugh games to play on in my book


Well there will be plenty of good multiplat games on both systems.But Seriously people...By now we all know that the xbox has a slightly better online experience for multiplats But the PS3 has the best games! Its 3 years and three games that will win( if gow or game of the year are playstation exclusives... Plus next year will be the strangest year in term of GOTY condenders...there will be at least 10 goty games... and over half will be ps3 exclusives...

doG_beLIEfs3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I really don't care about the numbers game anymore...since all 3 consoles are selling well....but WTF.....WHY does MS and her supporters ONLY brag about the ONE region that they lead in while completely IGNORING the other 2 regions that make the 360 the WORST selling console WORLDWIDE of the 3 and the worst selling worldwide of the HD consoles?

That's like saying that AG beat up someone in 3rd period while in 5 and 6th period he gets his ass kicked....yet he only talks about how much ass he kicked in 3rd period...even with 2 black eyes staring at you while he "brags".

RedRedSuitSDF3292d ago

Because USA is the most important.. and that's where most of us live that are big 360 fans.

jib3292d ago

"WHY does MS and her supporters ONLY brag about the ONE region that they lead in while completely IGNORING the other 2 regions that make the 360 the WORST selling console"

you answered the question yourself. why would MS brag about a non-existent "lead" on other regions it doesn't have a lead in? it can't. dur.

kaveti66163292d ago

Why would they brag about an area they're losing in? I realize this is probably a rhetorical question that you're asking, but jeez. If you don't care about the numbers game then why are you commenting on it?

ChristianGamer3292d ago

Maybe because that's not his job?

fr0sty3292d ago

yeah, it's just his job to spin numbers and make bogus claims.

KiLLUMiNATi_893292d ago

I want too see how many units both ps3 and xbox. A lot of people was saying once gt5 comes out that it was going to be over for the xbox and gt5 will be a system seller, gotta see theses GODLY sales. We all know xbox sold and did good since kinect Launched.

eagle213292d ago

Microsoft and Kinect sucks. ;)

kaveti66163292d ago

I feel ashamed that we have the same amount of bubbles.

eagle213292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Ok, troll police. By the way, that pic of Aaron Greenturd looks like he farted and doesn't want anyone to smell :)

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fr0sty3292d ago

U.S. market boasted about like the rest of the world doesn't exist in 3...2...1...

vhero3292d ago

Not hint at making games just make them..

slate913291d ago

Lol, being a fan of Xbox, that made me laugh. Kind of sad.

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jetlian3292d ago

with kinect bundles sold out in a lot of places sales should be high!!!

jetlian3292d ago

disagrees and they aren't gonna change anything!. My friend just got kinect this morning! Last night we agreed he would get the bundle with 4gb and we'd split the price. This morning BBuy got some plain kinect in he grabbed 1 of the 2 left!!

No bundle though... I was like you punkass. Only good thing is I get to try it out before I buy one

Sez 3292d ago

Looks like greenburg wants to let the cat out of the bag about how well the 360 has done in November. This should be interesting to see

Droid Control3292d ago

we are never going to get the next gen xbox 720 at this rate. The 360 and kinect are just selling so damn well, running on multiflatform games only -- but its workig!

360 has never been selling so well.

Nicaragua3292d ago

Im pretty sure it sold better in its first year when it had no competition. Since then its been downhill all the way.

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