UK Console Install Base Hits 32 Million

New figures have revealed that the total number of consoles from this generation sold in the UK has hit 32.4 million.

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Anon19743291d ago

Um. Good, I guess? It's odd that PSP and DS numbers are thrown in their as well. That's kinda like grouping home phone sales and mobile phone sales. Sure, both are phones - but they're not really the same market so why would you group these numbers together?

hiredhelp3291d ago

because they still sell and retail with todays consoles. so as long as its on the market it be in there.

however 32million is alot. reminds me of a comment i once heard from a i american person on here stating the uk is a small island.
well we are not a small island we are a country. and with these kinda figures just goes to show you.

fossilfern3291d ago

alot of people seem to think the size of the country is a reflection on the amount of people. look at Canada its the 2nd biggest country in the world yet it has just over 34 Million people living in it while here in the UK we have over 62 million people.