2010's Best Videogame Plots | GameState Awards

"The GameState Awards continue, with the focus now on the Best Plot in a videogame this year. And there have been some amazing stories this year..." - GameState

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The_Gamer3292d ago

Black Ops had an epic story line.

granthinds3292d ago

It had the best storyline for any CoD title, but it wasn't the greatest story in gaming by any means.

BradyRuiters3292d ago

Really the best COD story so far? I can't wait to continue with the game then :D

lord zaid3292d ago

The individual characters had some interesting back story, but honestly, I thought Mass Effect 2s overall story was actually pretty poor.
Despite that, I still love that game.

granthinds3292d ago

Don't characters make up a story? It's more than just spinal plot. The characters bring it to life and that contributes to the entire experience! Besides, YOU are one of the primary characters in a very personal way in ME2, which really makes it stand out.

vrylstminute3292d ago

No mention of SC2, again! Blizzard Lore is world-class. Even WOW: Cataclysm should have been a contender. Feeling the serious console bias here... :/

granthinds3292d ago

SC2 has a great story and it's a great game, but as the video suggests, it's not the greatest PLOT to have come out this year. That said, there are a few more episodes in this series, so maybe there's a chance you'll see your SC2 dreams fulfilled ;)

BradyRuiters3292d ago

Totally agree! Mass Effect 2 was EPIC! I still play it. Heavy Rain was pretty good too. Have yet to start on Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood :/

PS3Blog3292d ago

Still waiting for Mass Effect 2 to hit the PS3. But I think Heavy Rains story was brilliant, so many twists!

granthinds3292d ago

It's worth the wait. I'm not sure how it's going to flow without ME1, but it's definitely one of the most definitive games of our time.

BradyRuiters3292d ago

From what I've heard, Mass Effect 2 will be accompanied by an interactive comic that will help PS3 owners catch up on what happened in Mass Effect 1

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