Gran Turismo 5 Awesome Auto Pilot

So, you're looking for an auto pilot in Gran Turismo 5? This is how to enable the ultimate chauffeur.

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Denethor_II2871d ago

That's actually a very hard manoeuvre to pull off.

thereapersson2870d ago

I have seen this SAME ARTICLE 3 goddamn times now.

N4G's standards are officially out the window (if they weren't already).


DoomeDx2870d ago

I thought i reported this as: Old.

Read the ****ing reports N4G approvers

ShinMaster2870d ago

Isn't this like a triple post now? How did it get through?
Who runs this site?...

Krypto2871d ago

I guess they're running out of things to complain about.

Lawliet2871d ago

LOL! That was awesome man. But seriously one in a million chances to nail this right.

DirtyLary2870d ago

Come up with something original for once. Damn site is always late to the game with the same ole videos.

Ducky2870d ago

It's because of the timezone difference.

Although is it the added weight of the car that caused it to slow down or did the AI just decide to slow down?

DoomeDx2870d ago

Before posting an article, you see a list of articles which look similair to the article you are about to submit.
From there, You are being asked if its a duplicate or not.

How can people miss that

Dnied2870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

K these SAME posts are getting absolutely ridiculous lol It's actually becoming somewhat comedic now.

"The New Lamborghini LP550-4 It not just beats the Nissan GTR, it can carry it as well."

... OMG GOOD ONE!!!!!!!!!

dot dot dot

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