Resolution: Castle of Illusion retrospective

Resolution's Jon Beach writes: It's easy to overlook Mickey Mouse’s influence on the platform genre. After all, the high pitched squeaky clean icon of cartooning has such a ubiquitous global appeal; it’s hard to remember the fact that he used to appear in challenging and intelligently made videogames. That’s right – before Sonic was screwing up into a royal blue buzzsaw and pissing 2D brilliance into our faces, before Cool Spot crudely bungled his obnoxious way through a lemonade advert, and even before Mario’s name was inked onto the Nintendo V Sega fight card – Disney’s faithful mascot was silently preparing to enter the Castle of Illusion.

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Acquiescence2872d ago (Edited 2872d ago )

It felt so magical back then, like literally playing a Disney cartoon of sorts. It's sequel was ace as well, Mirror of Illusion (I think), which doubled the awesomeness of allowing you to play as Donald Duck also. Are they on any compilations? Would love to play those two games again.

Edit - Oh yeah, I thought I got that wrong. It was WORLD of Illusion.

darthv722872d ago

I still have this game. It is one of the best that Genesis had to launch with. World of Illusion is also fun.

Sony made a great Mickey game called Mickey Mania. That was back when they were Sony Imagesoft. The best version would have to be the sega cd for its music and the smooth scaling and rotation that the cart version couldnt reproduce.

This game is still an easy 8 on my scale.

william25022872d ago

Absolutely loved this game, one of the reasons I owned a Mega Drive. Although I do think that the sequel, World of Illusion, was far better. My cousin and I ruined many a Saturday afternoon/evening playing the co-op on that.

Good times.

Phlapp2872d ago

Me too! This was the soul reason I bought a Mega drive! I still have that Mega drive and the game too, I'd love to see it on XBL.