$399 PS3 by April to help Blu-ray, August 360 Sales Boost: Says Pachter

In an investor note issued Friday, Pachter said he expects a 12 percent year-on-year increase to $445 million for August videogame software sales.

Ahead of monthly NPD figures, Wedbush Morgan's Michael Pachter predicts a rise in August software sales, an Xbox 360 sales boost and an early '08 PS3 price cut

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MK_Red4149d ago

This guy is unstoppable! He predicts one thing after another and almost always is wrong.

sticky doja4149d ago

I will be the proud owner of all 3 next gen systems.

nasim4149d ago

he predicts 600k for Bioshock when Metroid Prime is the topselling game with 400 000 copies.

clearly Pachter needs to see a doctor

MK_Red4149d ago

But nasim, BioShock had 500k debut while Metroid had 300k debut.

BloodySinner4149d ago

He's "predicting" that price point because that's what everyone wants to see.

barom4149d ago

lmao this is so bull.

I think Sony couldn't hold the price 499$ for long and that's why they discontinued the 60gb and made a 80gb to have an excuse to put the price up again. Unless they're making a 40gb (or lower?) I don't expect to see a PS3 on the shelf for 399 for a year or two. 499$ sounds very reasonable though.

Vojkan4149d ago


Patcher actually was wright on many things. He was spot on for PS3 "price cut" during E3 and 50$ 360 premium price cut. He predicted delay of GTA4. Yes he is wrong a lot of times but when he is wrigh, he is wright.

And btw BioShock debuted in first week with 400k(not 500k)

DeadlyFire4149d ago (Edited 4149d ago )

I think that the only way that this could be possible is if they make another model with a 120 GB HDD and throw it into there with the higher price point of $499 and use the 60 GB or 80 GB SKU at $399 or $450. I think $450 is more likely to happen before a $399 price.

Wether or not Sony loses any money doesn't really matter they have a ton of stocks and other things in the market to make money off of at the moment with even more stuff coming in a couple of years. They will likely want to kept a small profit going either way with the PS3 when they consider dropping the price a bit until they hit a point where sales will exceed their expectations and really push the console forward.

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ktchong4149d ago (Edited 4149d ago )

That Pachter guy has been making so many predictions that they are starting to get confusing. It's hard to keep track of them... is this a new or old prediction?

MK_Red4149d ago

This is his newest. Issued hours ago but still, he has been issuing PS3 Price drop prediction every week for months now :)

Lightning Mr Bubbles4149d ago

If it's possible by March, I predict it as soon as XBOX 360 starts killing the PS3 this holiday. Desperate times, why wait extra 5 or 6 months?

tplarkin74149d ago

Sony needs to drop it now, but they can't afford the cut. They still lose $200 on each machine. If they cut it and sell 4 million this Christmas, Sony would lose billions and go bankrupt. Sony is treading water now.

xplosneer4149d ago

"Since the system's launch production costs have been reduced significantly as a result of phasing out the EE chip and falling hardware costs. The cost of manufacturing Cell microprocessors has fallen dramatically as a result of moving to the 65 nm production process and Blu-ray diodes being around $100 cheaper to manufacture.
The cumulative reduction in production costs is as follows:

* Blu-ray (cost reduction: US$100)
* Cell B.E. (cost reduction: US$29 – US$40)
* EE removal (cost reduction: US$27)
* Chipset Modifications: Sony have removed a CXD9208GP, 2 RDRAM chips (US$5), and some passives and are planning on moving the RSX graphics chip from 90 nm to 65 nm production process and "the unification of separate smaller ICs — such as Bluetooth and Wi-Fi — into single chip solutions and a change to a more specialized Southbridge." (cost reduction: unknown)"

DrWan4149d ago

I personally think that with the capital they raised by selling the shares of Sony Security, we will see 399 PS3 by xmas.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4149d ago (Edited 4149d ago )

I'm crazy, PS3 $399 this year...?? What's more possible PS3 $399 this year or PS3 out of business this year?

(I'm not sure who's disagreeing. Could be Sony fans for me mentioning that they are in trouble and could be out of business this year, or could XBOX 360 fans, who think I'm wishful thinking and no way PS3 is gonna get another price cut this year. I'm sure XBOX 360 fans don't want that)

DrWan4149d ago

i think the total sales number for PS3 is actually neck to neck with the xbox 360 after the price drop. Even if PS3 drops by 50 more dollar, i think it will put it over the Xbox. I don't think you can deny that after we saw the effect of the 100 drop to 499 (same price as the old Elite), xbox was only able to keep up with the world wide sales number on the last NPD after initiating a further 50 dollar drop on the Elite. That tells me one thing, consumers are willing to buy the PS3 eventhough there are Less games to play and that it is more expensive.

Brand name recognition and hardware realiability still stays one of the top concerns of most future hardcore gamers, hardcore gamers are usually the early adopters and will play their systems for a very long time, so i think the hardware issue needs to be fix if Xbox wants a fighting chance when MGS and FF gets release next year. (assuming trophies and all that Home stuff is implanted, that means Online is not a issue anymore)

razer4149d ago

NPD World Wide sales numbers?? NPD only reports North American numbers and the 360 beat the PS3. The price cut on the 360 wasn't even a factor in July.

bung tickler4149d ago (Edited 4149d ago )

@DrWan - the ps3 was still under the 360 last month when the ps3 dropped thier price, granted the did close the gap some, but this month don't expect the same thing, there arent anymore fanboys rushing out the buy the ps3 at its "new" price this month, last month the 360 had no major titles, this month they do, last month the 360 hadnt had its price drop, this month they do. it wont be close by any means. and dont expect the next months to get any better, i mean halo3, mass effect, pgr4 all comming. the ps3 is gonna have a very very hard time this xmas. there are even rumors of another 360 price cut... wouldnt that be grand.

Lightning Mr Bubbles4149d ago

360 didn't get it's price cut till August.

DrWan4149d ago (Edited 4149d ago )

i am sorry i mis-spoke, i mean the numbers they had at Germany at GC, what were those set of numbers called?

You have a good point, Bloody Diarrhea (do you really have bloody diarrhea? you may wanna seek medical attention, drink alot of fluid and electrolyte (gatorade works), and probably want to get a colonoscopy soon, prolonging the problem can cause ulcers and possibly colon cancer if those endothelial linings keep on getting injured)

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