TopWare Break Two Worlds II Silence – UK & US Releases Confirmed

TopWare Interactive has today officially announced that Two Worlds II, the major turnaround sequel of the year, has recently broken the one million unit sales mark in Europe after just three weeks on the store shelves. And, the momentum doesn't appear to be slowing, as a UK release for Two Worlds II approaches.

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Forbidden_Darkness2869d ago

Ill have to pick this up later in the year :(

I'm buying Mass Effect 2 (PS3), LittleBig Planet 2 and Dead Space all in that month, so sadly ill have to wait and i have so many games to beat which sucks!

JsonHenry2869d ago

A friend of mine Dled the digital German version for the PC. He said this game is exactly what the first game should have been and what Arcania wished it was.

So hopefully it is worth the buy because I really want a decent RPG to play.

Lawliet2869d ago

Doing pretty good considering their first game was just simply terrible! Can't blame them duh, overshadowed by the mammoth of Oblivion.

shadowknight2032869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

wait..did i read that right?..did he say it was pushed back till Jan 25th? I thought it was pushed back to the 4th

Christopher2869d ago

Likely Jan 25th due to the delay in getting the discs pressed.

femshep2869d ago

im excited for the game but given money situation ill prolly rent first then see if it is worth the sure crits are gonna be harsh because of the first one =/

creeping judas2869d ago

Actually the European critics are loving the game, I've yet to read a review giving it less then 9/10.

femshep2869d ago

nice good to know makes me feel a lot better about the game now =D

StitchJones2869d ago

Anyone who buys this game after that horrible first release is crazy. Don't give the developer the satisfaction with sales. They should have gotten the game right the first time.

EVO-OM3GA2869d ago

I acually know quite a few people who really loved the first game

Baka-akaB2869d ago

what kind of idiocy is this ?

They made a first crappy game and actually made a great sequel from it . They should be rewarded for it .

How many usually even bother or care ? Almost none .. the last example in mind would be killzone 2 rom kz1 ... and they had tremendous funding from Sony .

aPerson2868d ago

Yeah, exactly. I guess Switchy doesn't quite understand the concept of "learning from your mistakes"

TheBand1t2869d ago

Isn't the point of a sequel to improve on mistakes made on the last game while putting in new, better ideas?

I must have missed something

mobijoker2869d ago

Then you are bound to miss one hell of an rpg.IMO in 2010,it comes second only to ME2.Better than New Vegas for sure.

turgore2869d ago

thats the dumbest comment I have heard all year. By your logic GTA 4 and Killzone 2 shouldn't have existed, since the first killzone and first GTA were subpar.

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The real killer2869d ago (Edited 2869d ago )

I'm realy disapointed with this game.
Very bad story telling an allot of missing areas after you compleet the main missions.

No rain, very fast day and night render like Arcania.
You can't sleep, lame and boring world with no single immersion like Gothic and Risen series has.

You can't kill town people.You can steal any what you want, combad is hakc slach like Arcania and Gothic 3.
I like more the combat system from Risen or Gothic 1/2.

Grafichs are good, but the rest is a fail to me.
I hope Risen 2 get better, i have fait in Risen 2.

If some disagree with me, tell me why.
This game iks BORING and LAME.

No Rain or snow.
You cant sleep
Very fast from Night to day.
No immersion in the world.
No teachers, instead you get some scroll with instuctions.
You cant kill twon people.
Bad voice acting.
Boring world.

Nice grafichs is the only what i love, but gameplay sucks

mobijoker2869d ago

Missing areas ???One big continent is for coop only.People are saying it as missing area.Besides, when chapter 1 goes on to 15hour plus who complains about playing is short.Plus i am sure you haven't played enough sidequests.The main story is short.But the interconnected sidequests are the best part.IMO its combat system is far better than gothic and risen.And the magic system is quite interesting.My only problem was some minor bugs.But i think NA will get a bug free game bcoz of delay.

sp1deynut2869d ago

I just started Arcania:G4 last night, and played for about 6 hours. A lot of what you're saying about TW2 sounds just like Arcania. And I too loved Risen....which is why I kept getting this feeling of deja vu last night, thinking "this feels a lot like Risen... only nowhere near as deep".

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