LTG Editor Banned From Gamespot

Radford C of LTG writes " On Gamespot, I have a pretty good following that I cultivated through the years even when it was still called I even have a nice little badge that labels me in the top 100 community reviewers saying I have “power and influence”. This was as far back when Daily Radar was the big game site at the time"

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Malice-Flare3781d ago

but i can see where it would annoy sensitive users...

HarryMonogenis3781d ago

That's exactly what I thought. In all honesty, the comment did sound a bit like he wanted to start an argument. He could of defiantly worded it better.

Christopher3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Doesn't matter if they're sensitive, his comment wasn't against any rules. Sure, he could have said it differently as well, but he broke no rules. It was just petty for them to ban him.

Calling someone's tips stupid is the same as calling the person ignorant. It's not an insult, it's a statement on their level of knowledge with the topic at hand.

radphil3781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

That's what I was thinking as well. That's certainly not grounds for banning. Maybe a warning at most, but a ban? That shows pettiness on Gamespot's part also.

I mean I still remember to this day Jeff's incident where he was truthful about Kane and Lynch, they fired him, and then TURNS OUT, the game did suck.

Anon19743781d ago (Edited 3781d ago )

Back when Gamespot made the decision to become primarily an Xbox site (I don't blame them. The US was dominated by Xbox fans, and that was their core audience) you'd get suspended from the forums for even mentioning anything remotely pro Sony. I remember getting slapped with a suspension once for simply stating "I agree" to a pro Sony comment in the forums. It was pretty bad for awhile. Even their news articles regarding Sony would have negative wording, or they'd find a way to work how Microsoft was better in the news somewhere no matter how unrelated it was. They've softened their editorial stance now as the PS3 install base has grown in the US, but a few of us on this site were originally refugees from the big "We suddenly don't want your kind, Sony gamers" mod purge that happened at Gamespot 4, 5 years ago.

Not like this site doesn't have it's fair share of mod problems. I'm just off a 5 day suspension myself on this site because, in response to someone saying 360's start house fires, I commented on the heat I had observed given off by my 360. Apparently it's taboo to joke about the well known fact that gaming consoles give off heat - meanwhile others in the forums were making Microsoft rape jokes and their comments were left untouched. Go figure.

dazreah3781d ago

You really think that a site that has given GOTY 2 times in a row a 10 for MGS4! Its truly sad that anyone that says one bad thing about Sony or the ps3 is biased or a MS site. Must mean this place is paid off by Sony the amount of crying sony fans.

Silly gameAr3781d ago


I know the truth hurts man. What Darkride mentioned is not in his head or made up. It actually was that bad for a while, and not just Gamespot.

I guess you just didn't see it because, like now, you were to busy calling people Sony fans to see it.

Trebius3781d ago

dazreah might not even be old enough to have seen those things, a lot of people just started gaming with this gen and the last, and are out of their element. Like Donny in The Big Lebowski.

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jay23781d ago

That is just perfetic :@.

BeaArthur3781d ago

That is pretty weak, but how do we know that is the comment in question? He may have left another comment somewhere else and just be showing us this one.

Nineball21123781d ago

That's true, but based on my experience at GameSpot, they'll ban you at the drop of a hat. I left that place a long time ago, and don't regret it.

Very, very unbalanced there... unlike here. ;)

dkblackhawk503781d ago

lol this place is balanced? ...

TukkerIntensity3781d ago

In which universe is this news?

good lord - who cares. Enjoy your 7 day ban you baby.

user83971443781d ago

What is this have to do with GT5?

BeaArthur3781d ago

The comment appears to have been in a GT5 forum or something.

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