Gran Turismo 5's Toy Car Logos Are "Embarrassing" (And Gone)

Real driving simulator Gran Turismo 5 features an Easter Egg for lover's of model cars. The undercarriage of a GT5 auto sports the logo of die-cast collectible maker AUTOArt. Enjoy it while you can, because that logo will soon be erased.

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Call_me_Ishmael3293d ago

nice i imported a couple of models from auto art a few years ago,theyre really well detailed.

smash10313293d ago

Certainly a lot more detailed then that car in the pic. The inner walls on the tires are hideous.

nycredude3293d ago

Yeah cause wasting processor power on the inner walls of the tires that you will pretty never see is a great idea.

smash10313293d ago

@nycredude. How about "wasting" processor power on the 800 or so standard cars? It is the cell after all.

Trevor1223293d ago

I think that it's a cool easter egg, they shouldn't erase it.

ExplosionSauce3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

I thought it was kinda funny.

Ducky3293d ago (Edited 3293d ago )

It's interesting to read Kotaku's comments and compare them to N4G's...

... It's also interesting that Kaz finds something as small like this as 'embarassing'. Gotta salute the standards he sets for himself.
Most other devs would just go 'meh', call it a special easter egg and move on.

duplissi3293d ago

i think he should have, cause thats kind of cool.

IRetrouk3293d ago

this story was posted about two weeks ago, it is an easter egg.