New screens revealed for Dynasty Warriors 7

Tecmo Koei Games have released several new screens for the upcoming Playstation 3 and Xbox 360 hack-and-slash game, Dynasty Warriors 7.

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sway__z3292d ago

I know this game has it's fan base, cos they keep making this tat, but please kill this franchise. Start over. I can't recall this series ever hitting 9 scores, EVER!

Too think a developer wastes resources on this rubbish! ..make an RPG...The world is waiting for a real RPG. ...and if they want to keep it Feudal..make it a Feudal RPG.

Newtype3292d ago

It's like sports games, you gotta have a Dynasty Warriors game every year.

bakasora3292d ago


radphil3292d ago

What he's saying is that how can people complain about DW, and not also Sports games around here.

-MD-3292d ago

I get the urge to play one every year or so. I'm hopeful they'll eventually make one that is really good instead of just very mediocre

soundslike3292d ago

they are making a DW f2p mmo

very fitting actually...if they can translate the mega-mob 1000 enemies at once to an MMO its already better gameplay than most of them out there.

radphil3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

See the thing is, I do agree with what sway_z states, however you could have worded that much differently. They need more of a reboot and a repositioning of the series, which funny enough, DW7 tends to look that way.

Also the ironic thing, they do have a Feudal/Fantasy style RPG, called Zill O'll series. The most recent one is on PS3 as well.

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sway__z3292d ago

Yes, it seems that way. But at least a sports game has a confounding connection to the player. I've still enjoyed a few crap footy, tennis and racing games. But all the titles in this genre across all platforms stink!

If I seem negative about this game, it's just not my thing is all. I fully appreciate it has a following. The publishers must be making money from the series, otherwise it would have expired years ago.

Okay, let them release, I change my position. After all it's not a - to have more games available, and you have a choice not to buy it.

gorebago3292d ago

Have you guys played Sengoku Basara? I absolutely love it and can't see this game being better unless they change some old things.