CrunchGear: Origin PC Genesis Computer Review: Leaves Your Best Buy Rig In Tears

CrunchGear: A wooden crate is sitting in my not so large apartment. What, is this 1950 and I ordered a marble statue from Italy that came packed in hay? No, this is the first impression that Origin PC wants you to have after they ship a hand-built system to your home. The box looks like it was sent from that warehouse everyone dreams about exploring from the end of Raiders Of The Lost Ark. Stencil painted on the side of the crate is “Origin PC.”

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Pandamobile2874d ago

What the hell did they do to this $2000 PC to make it cost $5000?

moe842872d ago

The name "Origin" probably. As with all the other custom built gaming rig companies, you pay for the name and service. Nothing more.
The hardware is exactly what you will get if you take your credit card to an retailer or etailer.

Only upside is you don't have to put any effort into building the computer or OC. To me, this takes away most of the fun of building or having a built computer.

y0haN2873d ago

I don't have a Best Buy rig but thanks.