Peter Moore hints at new SSX

M2G Writes:

Given EA has already registered domains for a new SSX we would guess this rumour is true, however we have also done a little investigation of our own and discovered that none other than Peter Moore has been talking about a new game that “appears to be set on one of the most treacherous mountain ranges on the planet,” now why would the head of EA Sports mention that, eh Peter?

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KellyKellyWWE203286d ago

Seems like it's going to happen any day now (an annoucement that is)

emil13286d ago

ea sports big was my favorite studio. why EA shut it down?

TheBossMan3286d ago

SSX3 provided some of my favorite moments of the PS2 era. Great graphics, INCREDIBLY FUN gameplay, awesome music/comedy, memorable characters... I REALLY hope this new iteration brings back everything we all loved about the series and doesn't lose anything in the transition to this generation of consoles. Also, I hope the PS3 is being used as the lead platform and doesn't get a shitty port. Shouldn't be an issue given the series' history, but I'm always nervous with multiplats...