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PlayStation Unlimited: My palms drenched in sweat, equaled only by the drops clinging from my furrowed brow, I slowly proceed along dimly lit concrete roads, scattered with streetlights that alleviate just enough fear to get me through the seedy alleyways. Knowing full well that each step could potentially be my last, I loot abandoned cars, seeking any means of survival. The last few clips in my SMG won’t improve the situation. Endless, swarming droves swallow every bullet, the blood of my foes only adding to my lingering sense of dread. As my stereo pumps out some of the most horrific sounds I have ever encountered in the digital world, I am forced to remind myself that Dead Nation is just a game, and one that takes place in a reality I hope never to encounter.

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QDOGG3284d ago

I love this game kinda remind me of project overkill for PS2
but this game rocks lot's and lot's of zombies coming from every where some time they overwhelm me

Trebius3284d ago

This game is insane. I was ranked 32 in the country for a day! lol it's hard to get a top score.

clintos593284d ago

Yeah I know what u mean, I try an use the first gun u get as long as I can to save the Big Guns for the Big Monsters but damn they just swarm u like crazy when that intense music starts rolling. I love this game & hope they have some dlc coming cause ill buy it day 1 & I just barely beat level 8. Which ever reviews said this was a 3 hour game is full of sh*t.

VenomProject3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

THREE HOURS??? The game took me at least 7 hours to complete my first playthrough.

"Reviewers" these days...

GhettoBlasStarr3284d ago

PROJECT OVERKILL! That was a GOOD GAME. If they remake it with the power of graphics today & still it a top down shooter. Dead Nation is the Hidden Jewel of PSN!! Worth way more than $15.

EmperorDalek3284d ago

Wonder if they'll release an endless mode like they did for SSD-HD.

Lou Ferrigno3284d ago

Such an amazingly addictive game.. 10/10 BEST zombie game ive played in years. :)-
housemarque are GENIUSES!

clintos593284d ago

I totally agree with the addiction part. I think that just tells u how fun this game is. I just beat lvl 8 with the guy & trying to finish the game & then try an beat it with the girl since I havent tried playing her story mode. Definitely the best zombie game ive played in years.

morganfell3284d ago

I agree with Lou. I had an appointment the first day I played and kept glancing at the clock talking myself into how being late made sense - all so I could spend a few extra minutes just trying to survive.

marcindpol3284d ago (Edited 3284d ago )

great game, somehow for some reason reminds me my Amiga times:)


dragunrising3284d ago

Does Dead Nation have matchmaking for multiplayer or is multiplayer restricted to friends only? Silly question, however I hope to buy the game at some point and co-op is supposed to be quite fun(based on reviews). Thanks.

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