Cairns: Gran Turismo 5 Review: On track to success

Cairns: "After spending only a week with Gran Turismo 5, there is little doubt that Sony’s flagship driving simulator has regained its title as the top motoring game on the market.

It’s been six years since the last instalment in this defining motorsport franchise, but Sony and development studio Polyphony have definitely made it worth the wait.

Gran Turismo 5 is nothing short of an epic achievement in video gaming."

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disturbing_flame3286d ago

I think it's a pretty solid game yes, it has been bashed for reasons that seem understable by the way, i also think now reviewers can open their eyes to series like Halo, Fable, or nintendo random games that deliver average experience in terms of gameplay, and bash them with the same level of technical exigence that they had for GT5. Too many games are overhyped now.

nix3285d ago

no no no... only PS3 games go thru the thorough microscopic check. others get a free pass!