Spike VGA 2010 Live Blog

E4G: E4G will be doing a live blog for the Spike Video Game Awards of 2010. This year however, will be different.

A chance to win the game that gets the Game of The Year Award!

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dkblackhawk502870d ago (Edited 2870d ago )

Everyone likes free stuff


It certianly is.

vicious69832870d ago

VGAs are actually looking interesting thing year.

CovertGunman2870d ago

Looks like we should be getting a lot of cool stuff from the VGA's this year. I'm excited for Saturday, that's for sure.

trounbyfire2870d ago

live blogs suck

if your at work just use your phone and go to people will have articles out seconds after it airs

Xfanboy2870d ago

Anyway to see the VGAs online? (live stream)

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