Kratos to Star in Upcoming Mortal Kombat writes, "Mortal Kombat has seen quite a few changes, mishaps, and styles over the long history of the franchise. After a not so well received Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe hit the market, Ed Boon and the Mortal Kombat franchise are looking to rebound with an exclusive character on at least one of the consoles."

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Nitrowolf23290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

He fits perfectly to.
Can't wait to do fatalities with him (i hope he has them),
hell i hope there is a level where instead of being kicked into a whole with spikes, One of Kratos Fatalities would be kicking a dude into hades realm. That would be sweet.
Not even the gods in MK are safe

TheLastGuardian3290d ago

Hell yea, HHG was right. I am definitely getting this game now. I can't wait to see his fatality.

Chapulin3290d ago

Ur right HHG made it happen. Wow Kratos is the man!!

sdtarm3290d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

YAY!! *this is the part where cry*

Boody-Bandit3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

Kratos in a Mortal Kombat game?
"The gods demand sacrifice, from all of us!"

Vegeta90003290d ago

You've won this round HHG...BUT I'LL BE BACK!

Like in your recent article where you make hilarious claims about TVs, games, & 3D without glasses.

DORMIN3289d ago


Dee_913289d ago

HHG said eat S#IT haters !!

this is too epic

Kurylo3d3289d ago

This definently shows that HHG has some pull in gaming. He can make this happen because even devs like his show. Thats what haters get.

Nitrowolf23289d ago

@everyone with the HHG stuff

That article wasn't beyond BS like most of his other stuff, I respect him but sometimes he makes to big of a thing. Kratos in MK was something i consider a possibility and most people in that article actually loved the idea. People didn't hate him because of that, theh hate him due to the flaimbait article he creates. That article title posed no flaimbait, just one that the devs hinted at.

Dee_913289d ago


everybody in that article discussed their hate for hhg
nobody actually believed him and treated it just like all his other articles

of course everyone thinks that would be a great idea

TheBlackSmoke3289d ago

A broken clock is still correct twice a day.

Why is everyone acting like the concept of kratos in Mortal Kombat would of never been conceived without hhg. Its something so obvious, its just most people dont feel the need to blog about every idea that comes to their head.

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SpartanPrince3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

A better one would be to rip off the persons head

Edit: lol i just looked at my pic. He could poke out their eyes and snap their neck

Sharingan_no_Kakashi3290d ago

Wow...first Soul Calibur, then LBP.... now MK9. Maybe Kratos IS playstations mascot O_o

kanetheking3290d ago

ey when you that badass you can do anything.he was in mnr to

UltimateIdiot9113290d ago

All we need now is Marvel Vs. Capcom Vs. Kratos.

SpartanPrince3290d ago

i feel bad for marvel and capcom...

ChristianGamer3290d ago

My favourite gaming franchise JUST GOT BETTER! Kratos FINISH HIM. . .in 3D!


In The End, There Will Be Only Chaos!

Larry L3290d ago

In The End There Will Be Only Khaos*


This is like the greatest news of all time. MSNBC should be headlining every hour with this story.

Goeres3289d ago

In The End, There Will Be Only Kratos!

DigitalAnalog3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

He does. Check this out

-End of Line

MariaHelFutura3290d ago

His fatality should just be a major @ss kicking like he gave to Poseidon, Zeus or Herc.

huzzaahh3289d ago

He majorly kicks everyone's ass. You could use any brutal kill from the game.

King-Leonidas3289d ago

I had to grease a few palms...

downwardspiral3289d ago

big kudos for hip hop gamer for making this happen :)

gameraxis3289d ago (Edited 3289d ago )

hhg has his "inconsistencies" but i think he may have been the one to make this happen... for real! i'm not a huge fan of 80 percent of the stuff that comes out of his mouth BUT i did see months ago him talk to stig, another member of the GOW team, and a sony pr person in interviews about licensing the character to mk because of the perfect fit, THEN he was on the bonus round panel when that scribble nauts dude, warren specter and ed boon were there and he brought it to ed boon for the SECOND time there... i really think we have him to thank for this! and like i said not a big fan, but i am a fair guy who gives credit when it might be do.

Lightsaber3289d ago

the hipho fanfangirl didnt do jack.

"Heard about it from Ed at E3 this year and had to keep super mum on it but man, f*****g"

meaning that it was already in the work looong before he said anything about it

Snakefist303289d ago

Kratos and MK are a match made in heaven. Blood and gore ftw!

princejb1343289d ago

kratos goes well in about any violent game. gotta love his characteristics

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Cajun Chicken3290d ago

No way. This is freaking perfect, I've been saying this for years. I don't think 360 even has anyone that could be an alternate character on the platform, I guess its down to the 'SC2 Spawn' situation again.

Masamori Sumimura3290d ago ShowReplies(14)
No FanS Land3290d ago

spawn was so much out of nowhere in the Xbox version of SC2.

The best fit was Link on gamecube.

Kratos on the PSP SC seemed alright.

Vader in SC4 was F*cking badass!

now Kratos in MK? game will be too easy! Gotta put Chuck Norris to equilibrate the game now.

saint_john_paul_ii3290d ago

I heard Chuck Norris was on the beta build of Street Fighter IV, but every button of the controller just did roundhouse kicks, so they got rid of him.

just think of Mortal Kombat....

SixZeroFour3290d ago

you know that that is prolly gunna cause a stir...ppl knowing about kratos' ability to kill gods, but then in MK will possibly be able to be killed by the likes of scorpion or subzero

Cajun Chicken3290d ago

I found it pretty cool with Heihachi in SC2. But Spawn seriously made no sense, always irked me.

No FanS Land3290d ago (Edited 3290d ago )

I'M thinking about the possible articles on this very subject, ha damn.

Then we'll scorpion trying to beat the shit out of zeus and fail miserably.

Then people will not understand anything because it doesn't come full circle

Kratos > Zeus

Scorpion > Kratos

Zeus > scorpion, wtf?

EDIT: My comment makes no sense at all it's unbelievable.

MariaHelFutura3290d ago

Chuck Norris is so tough....girls chew before they swallow.

Lightsaber3290d ago

RAAM would work nicely for the xbox if they are they are actually making exclusive fighters

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PRHB HYBRiiD3290d ago

master chief in mk...nah markus fenix would be good but with a gun??alan i cannot think of anyone else :l

oghost853290d ago

don't forget jax and some other character had guns ..if xbox gets an exclusive it would go to marcus. i think....

RayRay363290d ago

I remember Hip Hop gamer asked Stig about Kratos being in the next MK and he was down for it. Even discussed what his fatalty would be. Ed Boon musta heard. Regardless, the game looks fuckin great.

jukins3290d ago

i was just thinking about the same thing. then there was also an interview hip hop gamer did with a member of the mk team about kratos in mortal kombat. ppl flamed on hhg at the time but look now seems he has more insider knowledge then ppl will give credit for

Ravenor3290d ago

He gets flamed for saying increasingly stupid things and acting like a moron on his show. He also just said 240hz tv's make games look better so take from that what you will.

Nicaragua3290d ago

Just look at HHG's latest post which is basically him just wanking over his new TV and trying to convince everyone it does 3D without glasses - thats why people hate on HHG, because he talks shit.

Biggest3289d ago

He's crazy for saying it's 3D. He's correct for saying that it looks better. It has an inscreen depth effect that 60Hz doesn't have. Even watching upscaled movies looks incredible. It has the "You're filming this right now!" look to it. Every game I have used on my 1080p 240Hz looks much better than on my 1080p 60Hz. Try it for yourself.

jukins3289d ago

no the only reason he gets flamed, and yea im going there, is because of the color of his skin and his hiphop culture which many ppl dont understand so they dont like it. if you ask me hhg shows a genuine excitement and realness to his interviews/shows that you dont get from 9/10 websites out there. and certain games do look better at higher hz not all some

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downwardspiral3289d ago


hip hop gamer actually asked ed boon about it on the bonus round, and ed boon said that he would love to do it.

its around 41:00

Parapraxis3290d ago

I'd rather him in Soul Calibur.

CrescentFang3290d ago

lol I was just think "didn't he appear in another fighter already?"

Though I still need to play III, I just wish I could...

Heavy_Rain3290d ago

Awesome!! MK is looking stellar and things just got better! Ahh man Kratos XRay move is going to kick so much ass!! Kratos vs Sub Zero or Scorpion is going to be epic!