3D Without Glasses Is Here! 240hz Killzone 3 Destroys The Competitors

Believe it or not but the next level of gaming is all about the frame rate. Nowadays games are made at 30 or 60fps and the difference is easily noticed in terms of performance.

Now with 240hz refresh rates in HD Televisions, gaming has changed and your eyes won't believe how much more realistic games can look and perform.

3D is the new reality because 240hz comes STRAIGHT AT YOU WITH HIGH FIDELITY

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Pandamobile3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

So, you're playing a 30 Hz game on a 240 Hz TV?

You're still playing the game at 30 Hz...

PRHB HYBRiiD3292d ago

yup a 60 Hz tv right now is more than enough ...maybe in the next gen games might be 120 Hz or maybe 240 Hz then those tv's will start to sell well.

multipayer3292d ago

Lol, I've been playing the beta for killzone 3 and "more than enough" is more than correct. ;) I imagine the framerate takes an even bigger hit when played in 3D...

Ryudo3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

What is this guy even smoking, either he is just making stuff up. Because it doesn't matter if you have a 3D TV if you don't have 3D media.

Someone correct me if am wrong but KZ3 beta only currently supports 2D gaming right? So am guessing his malfunctioning brain is creating the 3D effect for him.

Because honestly there wasn't any effect to being with.

xino3292d ago

wtf!? if you know anything about KZ3, you'd know the game is already a 3D supporter!
And it's even in Pre Alpha mode and supports 3D.

When I played it, it wasn't impressive, however considering it being in pre
by the time it's the finished product, the game would look farking amazing!!!

R0me3292d ago

Thats not right.
On a big full hd tv you see a clear difference between 50-60Hz and 100Hz. If you buy a new tv these days you should get a 100 Hz tv. Fast movements look sharper, its a fact.

GrieverSoul3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Guys, I have a 200hz 3D tv and I can tell you one thing, games look incredible better when 200hz are ON. But there´s a catch. In online game you have to turn it off because this technology introduces an image lag of 150ms added to the internet lag you can almost have half a seconf of disavantange. For instance, Castlevania and Black Ops single player mode look incredbly better when 200hz are ON! Its actually better that its original 60fps but you are playing still on 60fps but your tv renders "fake" frames to simulate what appears to be a more fluid gameplay.

gamingdroid3292d ago

I would like to hear from the guys that own a a 60+ Hz TV why it is better (if you think so)?

As far as I can tell, higher refresh rates implies one of two things:

a) The same image is repeated multiple times so there is no benefit to gamers.

b) There is some interpolation going on between the frames, but that suggest it might introduce artifacts or things the original developer never intended. It might cause the game to look smoother.

The only reason people preferred a 120Hz TV is because film content is at 24fps, this is a multiple of 120 and therefore avoids the issue of 2:3 pull down i.e. judding that is basically choppy motion. Most people however, don't notice this on their 60Hz TV.

For consoles gaming, I see no tangible benefit for having a 60+ Hz TV beyond maybe 3D!

walker013292d ago

am i missing something or is what you just said really stupid?
"this technology introduces an image lag of 150ms"
so when its supposed to make everything quicker and smoother is adds a lag of 150ms?

GrieverSoul3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )


Fortunaly, my Samsung allows to tweak the motion Plus settings (the 200hz feature). In some brands you can only activate 200hz and it will produce artifacts. Thats especially true in movies since they are reproduced in a 24 to 30 fps. But 60 fps games produce little artifacts. Actually, from my experience in Castlevania and Black Ops single player, I saw no artifacts what so ever. But in PSN games that are generally rendered at 30 fps, the image appears to stutter every 10 seconds.

Honestly, its a great tech but far from perfected. I you really like tech and are earger to experience the latest, buy one! You will love it. Otherwise, wait till it gets more polished.

Stupid is a strong word. No need for it.
This is easy to explain. The PS3 will output 60 fps but your TV will show you 120. 60 are the original ones rendered by your PS3 and the other 60 are a result from the middle of 2 original frames.

Like this
1 (original frame)
1.5 (fake frame rendered from your TV engine)
2 (orginal frame)

The 1 and 2 are real frames and the 1.5 is a result in a "morph" between the 1 and 2. But how can the TV make a "morph" of frame 2 since it hasnt been recieved? It delays the info coming from your PS3 by 100 to 150 miliseconds.

Puttting it simple:
PS3 sends frame 0, 1, 2 and 3.
You will get a 0, 0.5, 1, 1.5, 2, 2.5 and 3
However you will start to see the 0 frame when the PS3 as already given your TV the 3 frame. The tv will store the frames and create the middles ones and show them to you. This creates a lag.

Image lag in common in every HDTV from 40 to 60 ms. Only CRTs provide real 1:1 output images. Thats why you see 8ms and 19 ms response time stamped on your PC monitor.

blackbeld3292d ago


THNX, for the update.

I wish I had more Ca$h. :(

Beefstew4u3291d ago

ITT: People who think that playing a 30-60hz game on a 240hz tv makes it look better.

Spydiggity3291d ago

why are people still clicking on this moron's articles? this guy plays games on easy, he can't properly construct a sentence, he uses flamebait titles, and his videos have no value. boycott!

bnaked3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

HipHopGamer is right. Do you know, what Motion Flow means?

And now use your brains!

Castlevania has a framerate below 30fps, so let's say:
And thats why the hiphopgamer has critizised that game on his TV, because the frames of the TV must be in line with the frames of the game..

It's just simple and logic. The quality of the grafics will increase, because there will be more sharpness in motion.
Oh and sorry for my english..

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Seijoru3292d ago

Woops scratch that, mis-read it. Thought this was about GOW3 but its about KZ3.

AwesomeJizz3292d ago

LOL and people still agreed with you.. Classic PS fanboys.

TheTruthTeller3292d ago

hz = the tv's refresh rate
games run in frames per second not in hz per second

so if you play a game on a tv that has 240hz refresh rate it will appear smoother and sharper but still be running at 30 or 60 frames per second.

militant073292d ago

there is no such thing as hz per sec lol.

hz is x per sec.

x can be frame or anything else.

3292d ago
Nineball21123292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

@ AwesomeJizz + 4h ago "LOL and people still agreed with you.. Classic PS fanboys."

If the statement that GOW3 runs at 60hz IS TRUE (regardless of whether that's the game mentioned in this submission), then why wouldn't people agree with it?

Yeah, agreeing with facts certainly makes one a fanboy. /s

Sheesh... smh.

branchedout3291d ago


Because, Games run at frames per second, and TVs at Hertz.

If the statement was, "GOW 3 runs at 60 FPS on a 60hz TV" then it would be true.

It's a technical nuance, but it's very similar to saying, "I'm going to help my uncle, Jack, off a horse" without commas.

sourav933291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

@TheTruthTeller Yh dude. Militant07 is right. Hz is the short form for Hertz, which is the unit for frequency. Frequency is 1/T i.e. per unit time. So when it comes to tvs, the frequency is significant in terms of frames. Hence, frames x 1/T = Frames per second.

playboi283291d ago


I don't understand how this has anything to do with anyone being a PS3 fanboy. They are both PS3 exclusive games. They obviously just made a mistake. A better question is if his statement was true or not. The answer to that is yes. And finally, he apologized for his mistake before you even had a chance to criticize him for his comment.

I really don't even understand all this fanboy nonsense anyway. Last gen, all of these die hard 360 players played PS2. Most of them didn't even play their Xbox's IF they even HAD one other than playing Halo. Seems kinda petty and stupid to me.

TheTruthTeller3288d ago


it does not matter the game will still be running at 30 or 60 frames per sercond no matter what the hz of the tv is all it will do is appear to run smoother not faster.

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menoyou3292d ago

I was excited at the title... but then I saw "hiphopgaymer"

RememberThe3573292d ago

I knew it was him immediately. He's been raving about 240hz for a minute now. No one else seems to give shit lol.

xGrunty3292d ago

hhg is the biggest joke in gaming.

K3nji3292d ago

I think we all know who won this battle...

Mizz_mai3292d ago


HHG is just expressing his opinion,like ign and other's do on they're reviews etc...did you troll ign for they're ridiculous revirew's....didnt think so....

At the end of the day he's going out there meeting dev's,and such what you doing......ok then..

xGrunty3291d ago


Well let's see, I'm expressing my opinion about someone who is well...expressing their opinion.

And what are you doing? Expressing your opinion about someone expressing their opinion, about someone expressing their opinion....

So please. Shut up.

I've met plenty of developers going to PAX and such. What makes me different is I can actually speak a coherent sentence.

STiRacer3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

Recording himself in his grandmas room talking about old tech. This guy needs to move out of his grandmas house and get a job.

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INehalemEXI3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Active shutter display technology is the primary technology that is being championed by a number of big name manufacturers such as Sony, Panasonic and Nvidia. In this method, the left and right images are displayed alternatively in a sequential manner on a regular LCD TV. However, since the effective frame rate is halved, these displays need to have double the refresh rate of standard LCD monitors and TVs (60 Hz). This is why you will find that all 3D ready TVs have a minimum frame rate of 120 Hz.

I'm siding with HHG on this one cause I know my 60hz HDTV does not do ASDT 3D and it is for sure not glassless.... I mean you can use old school 3D red blue glasses on a 60 hz for movies but i magine that does look like crap compared to the 240hz Sabrina I think he called it.

BrothaDave3292d ago

Actually that's not true, the TV is what is affecting your hertz, the frame rate is locked by the game though but those are two different things. Everything on a 120, 240, 480 and 600hz tv looks much different than a 60hz TV and if you don't know that you haven't played a game on one.

Everything I play on my TV is greatly affected by my 120hz TV, everything is smoother. If the frame rate of a game is messed up then that's the developers mistake. I could never go back to a 60hz TV, it makes that much of a difference.

You guys are confusing hertz and frame rate, they are two different things.

3292d ago Replies(3)
TheTruthTeller3292d ago

games run at 30 or 60 frames a second not in hz so you can run a game on a 240hz tv in 240hz but the games will still be running at 30 or 60 frames a second just look smoother because of the tv's refresh rate.

Azfargh3292d ago

30 hertz??? games runs on FPS dude... not hertz. Geez..

xAlmostPro3292d ago

@pandamobile yes & no..

a games fps, is not the same as a tv's refresh rate, if the games locked to say 30fps or 60fps.. yes you'll be playing in that but thehigher refresh rate of the TV makes image proccesses faster & smoother, so actually it doe's improve what you see..

which can work well for 3D, because it requires a high Fps.. playing on a 240hz tv would make it looks alot smoother and lower the amount of graphical drops..


gameraxis3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

@Panda mobile... u beat me to it... i just wanted to say hhgamer, before u embarrass yourself any more... hit the info button on ur tv remote... it'll say 1920 or 1940 ( i forget) by 1080 @ 60htz...

the only thing i will agree with hhg with and disagree with panda is... i have a 240 htz samsung led 1080p and all that, and playing cod on my 60 htz samsung i got 4 years ago...then switching tvs as i just got my new one, makes a difference... and it seems just because of the tv being able to go so much higher than 60 frames/ refresh rate, it handles a 60fps game much better and does make it look more fluid... BUT when i hit that info button it still says running at 60 htz... now i use cod as an example because it actually runs at 60frames and in 1080p. most games dont.. but please hhg, its not 3d, 3d will actually come out at u.. what ur seeing is a more water/fluid display with less screen noise and judder reduction. so sorry to say it bro but ur tv is reading ur game, seeing its 60fps and its running it at 60 htz.... different mediums ie blueray, differences in games etc CAN make ur tv work to its highest potential but u need a little more knowledge into how these things theres things like film, 3:2 pull downs, all these variables that make a higher refresh rate better, but STOP with the 3d bs. its runnig 60 htz better, because it can handle so much more, but if a game is 60 fps its... whatever i just said that. here's what I'm confused about... SOME PEOPLE ABOVE PLEASE ANSWER... ur claiming a 240 htz tv will look better vs a 60 htz tv running a 60 frameps game like cod, AGREED! BUT u say its fps doesn't mean htz? but when i hit info to look, it says running at 60 htz... now if i'm playing a 30 frameps game, it wont run at 30htz as it seems 60htz on a 240 htz tv is the lowest it will go... so when can i hit info (for my screen status) and see it running the full 240 htz its meant to run? if some of u are saying the frame rate has nothing to do with it?? just explain

JsonHenry3292d ago

Anyone that has played a game, even though it is being run at 30FPS, with a 120hz or 240hz TV can tell you that there is a MASSIVE improvement on how "smooth" the video feels.

But it doesn't make the game look any better or any more "3D".

However, the experience is a lot better than an old 60hz HDTV. It is just hard to explain because it makes a difference without "making a difference" if that makes any sense?

frostypants3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

"So, you're playing a 30 Hz game on a 240 Hz TV? You're still playing the game at 30 Hz..."

Not necessarily. Most 240Hz TVs utilize motion interpolation to fill in additional frames, for the very reason you suggest: source material is never at 240Hz. In essence, these TVs can improve your displayed frame rate. This is why if you're watching films, which are shot at 24p, on a 240Hz TV, they suddenly look like soap operas. New frames are added to smooth out the picture display.

The problem that HHG is ignoring is generally the "game mode" on these TV's turns 240Hz/motion interpolation off, since it adds a bit of lag between input and display.

JsonHenry3291d ago

Well said, Frostypants.

solidt123291d ago

yes but these tv's have processors in them that make the image look even better.

evilunklebud3291d ago

Killzone 3 thumbs up!

3D TV thumbs down.... in its current state.

gameraxis3291d ago

dude, its smoother, more judder and noise/grain reduction, BUT ITS NOT FREAKING ANYWHERE NEAR looks great,way better than 60 htz, more fluid, crisper... but ITS NOT EVEN CLOSE TO 3D... stop over reacting to everything u cover and people will start to take u seriously... i have the same if not better tv u have (not to gloat just to make a point that i had a 40 inch 1080 60 htz now i upgraded), and i know exactly what ur talking about, except mine is a samsung which at the moment has better tech in the televisions than sony... i have a 240 htz, 1080p LED 3d 40 inch that i got on black friday, so i know what ur saying... but 3d actually COMES OUT TO UR EYES... this is just a very very sharp and fluid, crisp and detailed picture compared to 60 htz televisions... STOP OVER SELLING UR ARTICLES FOR HITS, so many people who actually know tech u just lost credibility with because of ur over exaggeration on EVERYTHING... be professional... and i saw u with d12, i saw u with all the big names, ur making a name for yourself... i see it bro, but to the public, u still make urself look like a clown sometimes with only half accurate "facts", and i follow u because i love the passion, but damn dog, the shit looks nothing like if u were to throw the glasses on and play k3 that way... just call a spade a spade... another words, The title should be more like "240 Htz televisions give gaming graphics a significant new edge in visuals" not "3D is here, ps4 graphics bla bla" think about it dude, if 240 htz was ps4 graphics and true pop out to ur face graphics... why the hell would sony even be making all these 3d supported games and products... they would just bundle 240htz tv's with their ps3 and say, "the next generation is here with 3d" no glasses no nothing... THINK IT THROUGH! i know this sounds harsh bro, but i got the same fire in me about gaming and i love the passion... but there's a line where u let it get in the way of good journalism... ie when u were in the GOW studio(my favorite franchise of all time) and they showed u a half poly image of kratos that didn't look finished yet, u exploded with "AWW SHOOT, MAANNN THAT IS UUNNNBBELIEVALBLE, U GUYS ARE TRULY THE DEV GODS OF WAR" or whatever, and i KNOW every dev in that room was like, dude relax, all the dressings aren't even on yet... just chill out a little, work on ur self awareness and comprehension of what u cover... look at the two most popular journalists in the industy, Keighly, and Sessler, when they talk to devs they interview with saying something like "it is amazing what you guys over at naughty dog were able to do with U2, What goes into making such an Amazing seamless experience, because it was always that Indiana Jones adventure i never got to play in the medium, and i was blown away"... then again, who the fu** am i to tell u how to do anything, NOBODY, just another passionate gamer... but somewhere down the line where that Keighly or Sessler position is out there and ur a possible candidate, there going to look at how u can portray a professional attitude while coming across totally impressed and gracious... and they'll go with the other guy... but hell good luck bro, my rant is over, and I'm almost tired of reading headlines that i get excited for, then see HHGshow and think to myself, ok its a spinned, over exaggerated title for hits.. and start to not click the link anymore. And from reading, there's a lot of people doing the same thing. I know this sounds like a lot of hate, but I'm trying to just give a little advice...take it or leave it bro. good luck

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jack who3292d ago

dude man stop this stuff you dont know wat your talkin bout....

egm_hiphopgamer3292d ago

I don't know what I'm talking about, do you have a 240hz TV at home? have you played it? if the answer is no well then this convo is pointless if yes and you didn't see a difference check your settings trust me dog 240hz is CRAZY

jack who3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

no i dont have a 240hz tv at my house. no i havent played it no this convo isnt over cause playing a 30/60hz on a 240hz tv wont make a big diff as you claiming.

just like how my car can do 200mph but the speed limit is 30mph see the problem?

ULTIMATE_REVENGE3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I've played a 60fps game with my Samsungs 100Hz switched on and it completely destroys the image quality of the game. The only 60fps game that's worked so far with 100Hz switched on is Burnout Paradise which even then starts off fuzzy but gets better during gameplay.

You're actually distorting the image around the edges and that can really mess some peoples eyes up.

You don't know how any of this stuff works especially since none of these 240Hz TV's accept 240 video sources so don't talk about it.

Pandamobile3292d ago

Hiphopgamer continues to show his lack of knowledge when it comes to anything technological.

Baka-akaB3292d ago

sigh HHG ... no one is telling it isnt great . But you are clearly not tech savvy and confusing yourself with terms you did not fully understand .

ECM0NEY3292d ago

Im a huge fan hiphop but these guys are right. The TV will only display what the game runs at.

Boody-Bandit3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Those displays you are talking about HHG often cause more input lag. Input lag can be worse than a poor internet connection when it's comes to gaming, especially online gaming. I usually base my display purchases on ones that have the least input lag. Nothing else matters. Not contrast ratios, ms times, 120hz, 240hz, 3D or what have you.

Input lag can be a bitch for online gaming.
The only problem is it is hard to find out which displays have the least input lag. It takes a lot of research. Don't fall for marketing gimmicks. Do your research before spending coin on displays. Especially if you are a gamer.

oohWii3292d ago

Some of you guys are trying to make HHG look stupid when in some of your casses you aren't even talking about the same thing.

@Jack who - You say 30/60hz when you are talking about a game or video when you are probably meaning 30/60 FPS.

240hz is the refresh rate of the TV while 60FPS is how many frames are displayed per second. No if you are displaying a 60 FPS game on a 240HZ TV, that TV is repeating each frame 4 times prior to switching to the next frame and then the next frame is being repeated 4 times and so on.

This in fact "COULD" make a game or video indeed look better even though technically the same frame is being repeated. It's kind of like when your windshield wipers are delayed as a lite mist hits your windshield, the longer it takes for the wipers to wipe again, the fuzzier the windshield looks, whereas if the wiper ran at less of a delay (aka 240HZ) your windshield would be clearer faster thus making things appear clearer.

So some of you guys are trying to act like bosses as you smack talk HHG and you look stupid. I'm no technical marvel so perhaps this article would better explain it.

But I do think some of you guys are confusing Frame rate with refresh rate.

See this article for better clarification, and give HHG a break and stop being such D-Bags.

multipayer3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I'd assume the new TVs have some kind of 3d motion enhancer effect, which may make anything look amazing. I keep the motion enhancer for my 120hz 2d TV off, because it may cause lag.

Maybe next gen will be the generation of lag with your display, online and controls. All lagging.

Nicaragua3292d ago

LOL, these recent HHG articles are just his way of saying "look everyone i bought a new TV and i want to try and convince you its the best TV in the whole wide world!"

Congrats on your new TV but get over it and quit making outlandish claims.

Bolts3292d ago

Seriously Hiphop. This 240Hz BULLSHIT is starting to expose your rather profound incompetence about all things technology. Maybe this huge difference that you're noticing is simply because your last TV was a piece of crap.

Here's a suggestion for you and any fools out there, try putting your LCD/LED TV into gaming mode. That should help your response time and reduce ghosting my a large margin.

3292d ago
frostypants3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

I have a 240Hz TV at home, and HHG does know what he's talking about. The motion interpolation on these 240Hz TVs makes a huge difference in the smoothness of the output. But it's primarily the motion interpolation feature they built into the 240Hz mode, not the 240Hz refresh rate all by itself, that does this.

But again, usually "game mode" turns it off because of the response lag it can introduce. I leave 240Hz mode on for games like Mass Effect 2, or even Demon's Souls, but I always turn it off for online shooters.

axeblade13291d ago

I have a 120HZ and I can see the difference in uncharted 2 and some other games compared to my 60 Hz 1080P HDTV. It does make the graphics stand out more profoundly. Dang now I wish I would have paid a little more and sprung for the 240 Hz. Can't wait for KZ3

Boody-Bandit3291d ago (Edited 3291d ago )

"response lag it can introduce. I leave 240Hz mode on for games like Mass Effect 2, or even Demon's Souls, but I always turn it off for online shooters."

That is what I was talking about and people disagreed with me. When you enable those modes (240hz, etc) the display lags and online that is a killer.

thedarkvault3291d ago

hdmi doesn't even have the bandwidth for 240hz, the picture is sent in 60Hz then the frames between are interpolated(MADE UP) by the TV guessing what they should look like. Way different then the console pumping out a 240Hz image.

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hesido3292d ago

Guys, he is probably talking about motion interpolation without actually knowing it. Those techs which add extra *intermediary* frames in between (not the same frame mind you).

Repeating the same frame on an LCD doesn't mean much as it doesn't work like CRT and Plasmas, there's no actual refresh rate of pixels, the pixels light up, and stay the same until they have to change to another color: LCD's response time is what matters there. On CRT and Plasmas, repeating the same frame with higher frequency helps reduce flicker.

What he is probably talking about is motion interpolation that adds extra frames (Digital Natural Motion: Philips, Motion Flow: Sony, Movie Plus: Samsung) just look them up guys.

Philip's solution usually introduce massive lag which makes games unplayable. However, some sets do it fast enough so that games can be playable, at least with a more than a frame lag (it has to receive 2 frames to start interpolating between the two)

The downside of this tech is it cannot interpolate big movements, and there may be artifacts on edges of moving objects at a different pace from background. Screen pans work superb.

The end result of successful interpolation is the feeling of the object being actually there, the more samples we receive on our retina, the better our brains are fooled that we're seeing an actual object. That's why he calls it 3d without glasses.

swinesucker3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

Exactly, all it is is interpolation. This is some serious misinformation here. You people need to go read a fucking book before you start spouting off garbage like this. 240 hz settings get you the soap opera effect. It doesn't work, it doesn't look cool. It ruins most games and films. Especially films. It MIGHT be helpful for games that are 30FPS and have scrolling? problems. Fat Princess comes to mind. That one I need my interpolation on but only because it has wicked judder for some reason. Smoother is not always better. You do not need anything smoothed out on most media. There is no reason in hell that you need to smoothen a raw 60FPS game. That is as smooth as you need it to be. As said above you are also introducing artifacts and other anomalies because you are making frames that do not exist!

If a game were 120Hz native it might be different but that is not happening and it doesn't need to. Interpolation blows at the moment. The only reason it is created is not for games but for FILM. But it is nowhere near a perfected option. Film is inherently 24 FPS and it has a lot of judder. This is why many people including myself would rather watch film with 3:2 pulldown on 60Hz TV's instead of the true 24FPS option that newer TV's have as 24 frames a second has so much judder in certain films that it is unwatchable. Bluray has film at its exact framerate. I am not too sure about plasmas but I know they have the best pixel response along with DLP but they also have other drawbacks as well. But let's be real here these people have no clue what they are talking about. HHG is not what you should trust for tech info in any world.

frostypants3292d ago (Edited 3292d ago )

"Exactly, all it is is interpolation. This is some serious misinformation here"

I'd say there is more misinformation coming from the HHG haters than from HHG himself.

He is right, this stuff CAN make games look better. He's just confusing the terms since motion interpolation and 240Hz are often packaged together in the same viewing mode.

But the people running around saying it makes no difference have never laid eyes on it.

KarateExplosion3292d ago

Why is everyone ignoring oohwii's comment... It makes perfect sense (click his link for further info). If you don't think having a 240/120 makes the game look smoother you are retarded (without clicking the link I can tell you that).
However HHG... If you think the tv improves the processing power on your system and can stop/hide the frame rate issues in black ops.. You are crazy

Azfargh3292d ago

"jack who"

I don´t even like much hiphopgamer, but I must agree with him and say to YOU:

dude man stop this stuff you dont know wat your talkin bout....

u think games run on "hertz" too, right? tsc tsc tsc

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