Famitsu review scores

This week's Famitsu review scores have been released. The magazine has finally reviewed Gran Turismo 5, which they seem to have enjoyed quite a bit.

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boogeyman9992899d ago

It's a very good score. :)

jaredhart2899d ago

of course they like it!

Boody-Bandit2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

I don't know why they wouldn't like it.
It's a fantastic game. I could care less what reviewers have to say about this game. Sim fans know how this is one of the best games to come out in years and arguably the best sim racer I have played on a console. My wheel is tired.

I am completely and totally addicted to GT5. If I am not playing it I am reading about which cars to use for which events, tweaking my cars, or modifying the racing set up I use to play it on.

I am close to finishing all the events. Well except for the Historic Racing Cup. I'm not sure when I will earn enough cash to purchase a vehicle for that event. Maybe the endurance races, have not played them yet, will earn me big $$$.

Oh well back to GT5 I go.

RedDead2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Baffles the mind how GT5:prologue is better by their scores, maybe Prologue's review scores were a little to high.

Kleptic2898d ago

^^consider prologue had very little competition at the time. At that point no one had got a next gen racing game done properly other than Burnout Paradise...which was clearly and arcade racer...

that and the reduced price probably helped with the still decent amount of content offered...

phatak2899d ago

atleast japan know how to review games

VersusEM2899d ago

so if a reviewer reviews a game you love with a bad score, automatically means equal fail. Last time I check everyone was entitle to their own opinion

Bathyj2898d ago

Doesnt mean opinions cant be wrong.

Its a dog's opinion that all MM's are the same colour.

2898d ago
Ducky2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

The driving simulation part is one element of the game. The game being the complete package.

The 10/10 simulator and 5/10 game means that it gets the simulation part right, but the other elements such as graphics, menus, etc have some issues. (Reading the review will tell you what the reviewer didn't like about the other elements)

Also, if you think that the majority of reviewers are ignorant, then you might want to re-think whether it's not your own opinion that is at fault.

Good to see GT5 get a good score though.
I'm usually more interested in the written thoughts than the numerical score. Guess I'll have to do some digging for the review. =)

(Does anyone agree with the Castelvania score?)

SoapShoes2898d ago

@FatOldMan - How can you suggest his opinion could be at fault but give a reviewer the b.o.d.?

Ducky2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

What he said:
"Unfortunately, that's what most reviewers are doing."

My counter-argument was just that if the majority is saying something, then maybe there is some truth to it and one's own differing opinion might be the one at fault.

It can always be assumed that the majority of 'journalists' are biased fanboys of the other system, but it isn't that plausible.

That isn't to say his opinion is wrong. I don't believe an opinion can be wrong. He enjoys the game, there is no changing that. Some reviewers don't enjoy the game as much as him, can't change that either.
I don't think either of them is ignorant or blatantly biased.

(At the risk of making my post too long, the bit about a dog's opinion about MM's being the same colour isn't 'wrong' either. Infact, the whole idea of colour is based on what we see. A bee can see a colour range that we can't. According to a bee, a flower might have a different colour than what we see. Who's right? Neither.
You might think that the room is quiet, but a dog will tell you that he hears something. The dog actually has a bigger hearing range than you. You'll still never be able to agree with him until you are able to see/hear things from his perspective. Even if both you and the dog agree that the room is quiet, that doesn't mean there is a noise that is outside both of your hearing range!
We can't assume that our own perception of colour/sound is correct and every other animal is wrong. All we can do is trust the opinion of creatures who are similar to us, which would be other humans in this case. The same applies here; If you need a review, then trust the reviews of people/sources that have similar interests to your own. You wouldn't ask a cow for dinner suggestions and then call it ignorant for suggesting grass, would you?)

Bathyj2898d ago

All I know is M&M's come in different colours.

Ergo, a dogs opinion, on this matter is wrong, even if it thinks its right.

And reviews shouldnt be opinions anyway. They should be a gauge of quality, and leave your own personal baggage out of it.

ei a person who hates shooters is not a good person to review Halo, because he will not be objective, he will bring all his preconceived notions, that he has developed and cultivated all his life, and his rview will reflect more about him than it will the game.

ShabzS2898d ago

if a shooter fan reviews halo it will be slightly biased based on his exp... thats true... but generally every human being has a slight bias towards everything... you wont find a truly neutral and objective review of anything... there will always be likes and dislikes based on general preference... if your a racer fan and know your racing games then just go through the different reviews and pic up the presented pros and cons by the reviewer on the game... decide for yourself what the game offers according to the people reviewing it..

you cant just rely on ONE site for a review... a game reviewer's job is to present his/her opinion and you have to decide if your 60 bucks is worth his/her opinion... but statistically it would be better for your wallet if you you rely on more than one reviewer...

DOMination2898d ago

I'm sorry but famitsus opinion is wrong simple as. Everyone else thought it was a 7/10 game

morganfell2898d ago

Does anyone agree with the Castelvania score?

I don't. I think it should be lower. Far too many areas of the game, while looking good feel unpolished in the sense of game play mechanics. It's the difference between an average game that looks good and a good game that looks great.

Every game also sets some basic rules for itself as regards physics. The gamer comes to know these and then adapts to them. There are areas where these are altered without explanation or reason. In truth it was done because this was easier than correcting issues with the maps. The game could have stood another month of play testing and correction for refinement.

Kleptic2898d ago

gaming journalism as a whole gets such shitty treatment because for some reason gaming as a whole has a lot more personal opinion invested in it...

its hard to explain what I mean...but when a movie you like gets a bad review, no one usually cares...You accept that the critic simply has different tastes than you, and that is opinion is therefor different...and you let it go...

Not in gaming...if you read a review of a game that you like, and the reviewers opinion is different, or the game is criticized for things you don't think it should be...a war starts and lines are drawn...

I'm not saying there is anything wrong with that...but everyone needs to understand that you can't review a game without a slight amount of opinion...

The biggest issues is that gaming is so new overall when compared to other forms of entertainment...and critics of games are usually much order to be a credible film critic you pretty much have to have spent your entire life watching films, understand every single thing about how they are made, and also a strong history of separating as much of your own personal opinion as possible from the review...You also have to usually have some sort of professional writing experience, as you will usually end up working for a major publication in which your reviews will be posted...The biggest thing film reviewers understand though is that you don't pitch one film against another, unless its dire circumstances where there are two movies nearly identical to each other...You review one movie and its achievements as if no other movie exists...and you DON'T attach some arbitrary number onto the end with .x decimal places comparing it to other movies...

What I am getting at is that 95% of gaming reviewers don't really know what they are doing...Gaming was a hobby, so they started a website and started writing reviews...then a bigger website or even a magazine then picked them up...all the while with the actual reviewer having very little, if any, formal training on what a professional critique really are constantly compared to others, which is needless and breaks the review system entirely...a great game isn't a great game because other games are not good, right?...and a bad game is terrible because it sucks, not because other titles do other things better...

couple the fact that the core gaming audience is extremely passionate about the games they love...and that there is an entire ugly underworld of how to get website hits with bated headlines...and the entire industry is dead on arrival...

I'm loving this new wave of reviews where its either a thumb up or down...and they usually come from publications that are not at all gaming related, but some how end up being the absolute most fair and unbiased places to read a review...

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arika2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

GT5 is a perfect 10 on my book, but 9.25 is a good score! well done polyphony digital!

DigitalAnalog2898d ago

They give too much leeway on popular US games. These people don't have the balls to give a bad score when needed. FFXIII got an almost perfect score with this magazine made me puke to death.

-End of Line

slaymanio2898d ago

Why are you even posting this comment if you puked to just joking.

arika2898d ago

@ digitalanalog
it's ok because we don't have faith in what you're saying anyway but i agree with you on not agreeing with famitsu because it should have been a 9.5 to perfect 10 game.

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-Mezzo-2899d ago

The GT5 Score is on the spot, that is exactly what i Rate the game personally.

JohnnyHalo2899d ago

I find it suspicous that this game is getting such mixed reviews.

UP2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

why dont you just rent the game and try for yourself (unless you do not have one then GTFO).

edit: oh I just read your comment history GTFO.

Boody-Bandit2898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

Yeah he is a multi account troll.

Report him and move on. Hopefully a mod will see what he is and close this account of his. I'm sure he has several more to fall back on.

Rage_S902898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )

i find it suspicious that you make negative comments on all gt5 articles

Jazz41082898d ago

I found gt5 to be a great game and enjoyed it a lot. I enjoyed it mkre then Forza but I know others enjoyed forza more and that is there opinion and I respect it.

Information Minister2898d ago

I find it suspicious that such an obvious troll still has so many bubbles.

You know what would grant GT5 perfect scores across the board? Half a billion dollars in marketing.

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MaximusPrime2898d ago

I find it suspicious that he is still playing a kiddie game called Halo

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rjgbyrne2898d ago

I hope Wikileaks has a cable about Japanese videogame conspiracies, ha!

fasterthanu222898d ago

You obviously haven't played it because if you had you would know that GT5 is the shit. I'm not even a huge racing fan and I love the game.

Pollak2898d ago

While I definitely think that rjgbyrne is just trolling, your statement that if he played it he would like it isn't any better.

There are people who will not like GT5 no matter how good it is (and I agree it's a good game). Not everyone has to like the same games.

lordkemp0072898d ago (Edited 2898d ago )


I agree, it's not worth that score.

I would personally rate this gem higher. Played it, loved it... Yes thank you Polyphony!

kagon012898d ago

The score system of Famitsu is based on hype, the more hype the game has the better score it gets...

Sylmaron2898d ago

You obviously don't have a clue about Famitsu.

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