Kinect - Games that Would be Perfect For It

inect is, surprisingly, a pretty nifty piece of hardware. It does what it needs to do - appeal to a casual audience and offer accessible titles at cheaper prices - while also expanding the Xbox 360 experience for more hardcore gamers (through voice recognition and hand-gestures to navigate menus). But what else does it offer for the more committed gamer? Are we going to see games that appeal to a mature audience and that get us involved and interacting in a deep and meaningful virtual world? Hopefully we will, and here are five games MMGN think could work on Kinect perfectly, be it through a direct port or a similar title.

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Otheros003286d ago (Edited 3286d ago )

Connect 4.

Cajun Chicken3286d ago

All these but no Geometry Wars, stupid.

dukegodtezza3285d ago

give me more boxin games :)

tigertom533285d ago

some good fighting game would be good. I think if microsoft or a game company added a navigation controller you could come up with some good games to use with Kinect....