PS Blog: Playstation Store Update 12/7/2010

Hi Everyone – It’s time for the weekly PlayStation Store Update.
Spike VGA 2010 Collection

Welcome to the 2010 Spike TV Video Game Awards. Here you will be able to download the hottest PlayStation Network content of the year. It’s time to saddle up and get connected to the VGA 2010 category nominees.

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Nitrowolf22871d ago

Little Big Planet here i come

Zydake2871d ago

I'm 68% and it stopped while playing GT5. FML

Silly gameAr2871d ago

I thought the Hustle Kings bundle was free for plus members.

Orionsangel2871d ago

I thought so too. Plus fails again!

Nitrowolf22871d ago

yeah the avatar bundle was suppose to be free

Silly gameAr2871d ago

Wonder what happened with that?

Orionsangel2871d ago

I thought I was finally gonna get a chance to play something new with LBP, but Prehistoric Moves requires that Move crap. Where's my LBP2 beta invite? That's all I want.

Nitrowolf22871d ago

yeah some what kind of a downer for those without move
LBP2 will have a demo 22nd

Vortex3D2871d ago

Move is not mandatory for LBP2. Look closely at the box art and it says compatible with Move.

Nitrowolf22871d ago

were not talking about LBP2

Zydake2870d ago

What i thought was dumb was that you cant play the Sackboy Prehistoric Moves with the Nav controller. I hope theirs an update but I doubt it.

Orionsangel2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

@Vortex It's mandatory for Prehistoric Moves.

2871d ago
Longrod_Von_Hugendon2871d ago

Sackboy advanced preview...downloading now. : )

nevin12871d ago

all PS1 classics should be $2.99 or less. therefore i might buy Jett Motto for $2.99. bought Hot Shot Golf 2 for $2.99 yesterday.

might also take a look at Full Auto for PSP. really enjoyed the demo years ago.

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