DamnLag - Cataclysm Preview Review

DamnLag writer Doug Cannon dishes his first impressions on how World of Warcraft has changed.

"It would seem the geniuses over at Blizzard have found a way to make a joyous occasion out of a cataclysmic event that has most certainly been the cause of rampant warfare, increasing racial tensions, and the deaths of thousands of people. Gnomes most especially, they fall much easier through the fault line cracks. I feel that some commendation is due to Blizzard’s bold strategy to inject new life into the core of their six year old franchise. I thought I would share some of my opinions on a few of the changes to World of Warcraft in this week’s column. Even if you aren’t a WoW player, you can’t deny, this is pretty damn cool."

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boogeyman9993292d ago

Those fetch quests were really tedious when I first started that game a few years back. May go back to it. Glad to see they didn't snub the younger levels though this time around. When you make an expansions there should always be a little bit of new content for beginner levels.

Just my opinion.

Mastersnake103292d ago

Surprised it's taken this long. WoW feels outdated to me

GamingGuru3292d ago

Very well written. Actually kind of makes me want to jump back into WoW.

halo4fan3292d ago

WoW is to thank for me being single.....and this will be to thank for me staying single

Xanatos20003292d ago

I could never get into it but these changes are really interesting. They probably should be promoting this more than they are.

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