ESRB Reveals PSN Exclusive Racer

With over 60 million users, the PlayStation Network has grown from strength to strength, with the service recently receiving stellar titles such as Dead Nation and Kung Fu Live. Christmas looks set to keep up the pressure, with echochrome ii releasing later this month, and now, it looks like we could also be soon playing an exclusive Offroad Racing game on our PlayStation 3′s before the year’s end.

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Sev2968d ago

Cool! More PSN exclusives? Ill take it!

doctorstrange2968d ago

If they keep piling on all these exclusives, I might just have to sell an organ

yess2968d ago

Or someone else organ's... Muhahaha...

Game on!

Teddybee2968d ago

Looking forward to this

ftwrthtx2968d ago

I was looking forward to some sort of RC racer, but I'll take whatever they release.

Bass_fisherman2968d ago (Edited 2968d ago )

We already have 'SMASH CARS' for that and its a pretty fun game.

CGR review -

doctorstrange2968d ago

60 Million -

Of course, there's dupes, PSP users, PC sign ups, but still impressive

ftwrthtx2968d ago

I have several accounts, but 60 million is still a big number.

Silly gameAr2968d ago

I have 3 foreign accounts plus 2 subs for the family myself.

ZombieAssassin2968d ago

Yea don't forget PSP's their are over 60 million of those in the wild alone.

GrandTheftZamboni2968d ago

I have 2 PS3s and 1 PSP - 1 account.

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The story is too old to be commented.