The Top 5 Biggest Misconceptions Concerning PC Gaming

Game Podunk Blogger Greg writes, "One of the things that really gets my goat as a Gamer is the amount of misinformation concerning gaming on the PC. Therefore, this Blog is to set that misinformation straight. This Blog is not intended as PC-Elitist propaganda of any sort and I understand how every gamer has his/her own preferred platform so don’t misconstrue this Blog’s intentions..."

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Bloodlyte2872d ago

lol @ nr 1, Compare the XBOX360 or the PS3 with a PC, If you bought a PC for gaming during the launch of the consoles, 5 years later your PC IS DATED and WONT run the newer games on a decent setting ( even on 720p settings), the minimum specs keep getting higher and higher ( see Black Ops.. ), while the console gamers have nothing to worry about, I was amazed when I first played Kameo, Uncharted or GRAW and now I'm still impressed when I play Alan Wake, FFXIII or God of War 3.

Pandamobile2872d ago

My 8800 system in 2006 could play Crysis on high settings at a resolution higher than 98% of console games (1280 x 1024).

I have friends that still have systems with 8800 GT's and can max out just about every game in 2010 at AT LEAST 720p.

It really helps to know what the hell you're talking about before posting stupid comments like that.

Bloodlyte2871d ago

yeah and that card ( only the card ) costs 599 ( in 2006 )!!!!!!, you just proved my point! and how do games look in directx11? oh wait it doesn't have it! hope that loan goes through so you can buy the couple of ati crossfire's, then you will be back in the game!! hahaha

Saryk2871d ago


If you want to talk about just released products, then the X-Box and the PS3 was pricey. And don’t give me the BS about the X-Box, I owned one at release (pre ordered), the Wi-Fi, plus a extra controller set me back a extra $150.00. Then one month later the Xbox died and in that one year I went through 4 of them. On the 4th the thing was sold as a package.

And if you want to crunch numbers, PC games are 10 to 20% cheaper than the consoles at release. Give a month or two and the games will drop 30 to 40%. If you buy a fair amount of games, then the prices makes a big difference.

This doesn’t include Mods, MMO and just plain free games……………

I have owned a X-Box, a PS3 and own 4 PCs and a Wii currently.

Pandamobile2871d ago

At least I'm not stuck playing games in 720p with little to no antialiasing until the next generation of consoles.

That must suck.

evilsooty2871d ago


'and how do games look in directx11? oh wait it doesn't have it! hope that loan goes through so you can buy the couple of ati crossfire's, then you will be back in the game!! hahaha '

Umm, if you want to find out you can buy a 5770 for about 100 pounds that blows the PS3/Xbox out of the water with no crossfiring required!

Settlers 7 in 1080p native (not upscaled) maxed out: nice!

Bloodlyte2871d ago

haha with some therapy you guys might come out of your denial fase,

settlers 7 hahahahahahahahahahaahhahahaha hahahahahahahahahaha

jakethesnake2871d ago

Yes - PC gamers are the ones in the denial "fase"

*goes back to playing starcraft 2 at 1080p

evilsooty2871d ago


What's so funny about The Settlers? It's a great series that has been going since the early 90s; perhaps you should look beyond games aimed at pubescent boys. The graphics are also beautiful.

jy_mrnd2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

Stick to consoles that's where idiots like you belong!

KaDa2871d ago

My god.

If you buy a pc at the same time when the ps3 and 360 came out, it is outdated, thats fact. If it is not, you spent more then 600 dollars(only for the grapchical card). So dont argue that pc is cheaper then consoles. Sure 8800Gt can run crysis, but is the 8800 still as usefull when you are going to play deus ex. I bet that the Deus Ex will run better on 360/ps3, then on a pc with the 8800gt card.

Saryk2871d ago

Really? If you knew what you were talking about, you’d be wrong. Spent $600.00 on a graphic card, my ass. And that 8800gt can still run those games........

evilsooty2871d ago (Edited 2871d ago )

The PS3/360 when they came out were not state of the art for the time, they were just the equivalent of a decent gaming PC; a high-end computer from 2005/2006 would still wipe the floor with the consoles.

It is even worse today. I bought a budget graphics card for 100 pounds (Radeon 5770) that is more powerful than the entire PS3. Even the piece of shit that my computer came with (GT 220 - can be bought for 30 - 40 pounds) was capable of running console ports like Dead Space at higher resolutions and detail than the consoles themselves.

You have a point that to get PS3/360 graphics on a PC 5 years ago it may have been a bit expensive, but it isn't any more. Anyone buying a console at the moment is insane when most cheap dedicated graphics cards are better.