More "Codename: Kingdoms Character art" Surfaces

Crytek's Codename Kingdoms artist shows off more of his artwork to upcoming 2011 360 exclusive.

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Mystogan3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

This is starting to look more and more interesting.. i kinda hope its an MMO for Gold Members.

but whatever it ends up being, it will be good.


But...I like MMO's :( does look like one...It's almost certainly an RPG at least

I like this one

Hoping for a VGA reveal

Man im so excited i edited like 10 times already

Masamori Sumimura3295d ago

This is looking Sweet.

This game and That CapcomXCyberConnect I'm hyped for them.

kancerkid3295d ago

To me, the guy is most likely cashing in on the secrecy of the title to peddle (his albeit great) art.

AAACE53295d ago

Those look nothing like the vid we saw! Great artwork, but I believe Crytek went in a different direction. Studios always have several different concept artist on board. They go through all the work and figure out what they will keep.

If Crytek decided to keep his artwork, they would own it and he would not be allowed to release this to the public. I strongly doubt these represent the actual game... but anything is possible!

lastdual3295d ago

I'm interested. This art makes the game look more fantasy than the previous trailer implied, which is all good with me. I want to see what Crytek can do when they really get creative.

Convas3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )

WHOA! I'm liking where this is going. I'm REALLY liking where this is going. Now my interest is piqued. I hope we get a reveal soon, I dun want to have to wait till E3!

@Mystogan: An MMO? HELL NO! No thank you. I pray that's NOT what they are doing.

Edit: Looks like there might be Character Customization -

Also, The OP says that he did this art 2 years ago. If this is anything to go by, could it mean that there are more hypothetical exclusives that could be revealed?

xino3295d ago

that is not character custom man, it's just basic concept of how the character would look like with different armour clothing.

MMO cannot even work on Xbox 360 because of the limited dvd disc. Not unless Microsoft submits to bluray!

ChristianGamer3295d ago

Please don't be an MMO, please don't be an MMO!! Hack n Slash yes! RPG super YES! RTS-MEGA NO!

Mystogan3295d ago (Edited 3295d ago )


Shaman3295d ago

Agreed.MMO?Hell NAAAW maaan!Hack and Slash,action adventure or RPG for 360?Hell yea!

Anon19743295d ago

Yeah, it's looking like a hack and slash based on all the swords and what not in those pictures. Again, I don't know why anyone is excited about this. Crytek has made 2 games in 10 years, one was Crysis - which was a pretty standard shooter but looked pretty, one was Far Cry, which I gotta say, bored the hell outta me. And they've shown us absolutely zero of this game. It could be a fantasy themed rhythmic, cooking game for all we know. I'll go back to being excited for Gears of War 3 until they actually have something to show us, and even then I'm not holding my breath for this game.

Tachyon_Nova3295d ago

They've actually made at least 4 games in 11 (not ten) years. They are: Far Cry, Crysis, Crysis Warhead and Crysis 2 (the later hasnt been released but must surely be nearly finished). They're games have all rated very positively which reflects Crytek's ability to make great games.

In any case, people get excited about games made by great developers. Look at Uncharted 3, GTA V, Agent and Battlefield 3. Nothing is known about this games, and already people are getting excited about them.

NYC_Gamer3295d ago

would love for this to be some type of rpg

PRHB HYBRiiD3295d ago

a jade empire type of gameplay with crytek engine?? that would be nice

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The story is too old to be commented.